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Home » Travesty of Justice Says Prime Minister Benjamin in response to United Nations Investigating Israel for War Crimes

Travesty of Justice Says Prime Minister Benjamin in response to United Nations Investigating Israel for War Crimes

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LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat and Steve share the most recent events regarding the war between Gaza and Israel: the United Nations is opening discussions about investigating Israel as possibly committing war crimes. Yes, Israel. Within the last 17 days, Hamas has shot over 2,200 rockets into Israel, Hamas is using human beings as shields, using Palestinian civilians to defend their weapons, and Israel is being targeted as committing war crimes. According to the Blaze, Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni wrote on her Facebook page in response: “I have two words for you: Get lost. Not only is this a wrong perspective being applied to Israel from the United Nations, according to the Jerusalem Institute for Justice, since 1975 an unstoppable voting block inside the United Nations, made up of Muslim and Communist Nations, has been passing resolution after resolution against Israel. In response to the United Nations actions of investigations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that, “this use of human shields is extraordinarily cynical, grotesque, it’s inhuman, but what is equally grotesque is that Israel is condemned in the Human Rights Council. It’s a travesty of justice.”  As nations voted whether to accept or to reject starting investigations, only one nation rejected: The United States. What is a greater shock is for Russia now to step to the table and express the desire to broker a peace deal with Gaza and Israel. Of all nations, Russia? These truly are critical times. We must stand with Israel. Find how you can do your part to stand with Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, United Nations, Iran, Hamas, Zionism, racism, voting block, Great Britain Prime Minister David Cameron, and Vladimir Putin.


UN Accuses Israel of ‘War Crimes’ against Hamas

Understanding UN Bias Against Israel
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