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Jesus Calls us to be Fishers of Men; however we Fish with the Truth of God’s Word

WATCH! OR LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Jesus calls us to be fishers of men and we fish for men with the truth of God’s Word.  They continue to discuss a funny video that was produced as a social experiment to see how people would react to paper money seemingly flying across the ground as if blown by the wind.  There was only one catch the paper money was actually attached to a fishing line and the fishing line was attached to a fishing pole that was used to reel the money in.  Neither age, gender nor race was a factor in who would go after the money as everyone did.  They continue to draw comparisons to how some have tried to reach people by preaching a “prosperity gospel”.  The truth is that you can’t serve both God and money.  A simple question was asked.  How easily have some been manipulated with a raise to stop fellowshipping, to stop abiding and to chase after money?  There has been a false gospel preached declaring that God loves you more if you have stuff and things.  This is absolutely false.  God’s love is completely unconditional.   God surely takes care of those who are His, those who are His disciples and follow Him.  One has to decide are they going to follow money or are they going to follow Jesus?  Choose Wisely.

Israel Has Emerged into a Flourishing and Abundantly Blessed Land 

   Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Israel has emerged into a flourishing and abundantly blessed land.  They continue to discuss an award winning multi- part video presentation, produced by CBN, that chronicles how Israelis’ by the hand of God and hard work have transformed Israel’s once arid dry landscape to an agricultural haven where they have implemented techniques, inventions and technologies to help develop the land for vegetation.  Their hard work has not only helped the farmers in Israel but they have shared their knowledge and resources with their regional neighbors and the rest of the world including the United States.  It did not go without being mentioned that during the time that Israel was a waste land nobody wanted it but now we are seeing Palestinians fight for what they did not want to begin with.  It is great to see how the Jewish people through hard work, ingenuity and the blessing of God have made Israel the great nation that it has become today. 


Francis and Lisa Chan write a Book on Marriage with a Kingdom First Perspective: You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity

   John, Greg, and Pat discuss how Francis Chan and his wife Lisa Chan have authored a new book on marriage called You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity.  The “Christian Post” reports that they “have written a new book for couples who may be so caught up in trying to have the perfect marriage that they have unwittingly made their union, spouse or children into idols.” Francis says maybe we got it all backwards we need to begin to see marriage in light of eternity.  This is a timely book as there has been a narrative regarding marriage that has steered way off from where biblical Patriarchs started.  Marriage is not about finding someone to make us happy, marriage was designed for God’s purpose.  If we can get the Church’s marriages on the right track then maybe the world will have an example to follow. 
 Abortionist Kills 95,000 Babies: “I See it as a Calling” Says Abortionist
   John, Greg, and Pat discuss how an abortionist in Milwaukee has killed 95,000 babies during his 40 year career and how he sees it as a calling.  According to Life News.com “Dennis Christensen wants to retire but he has a problem. He told himself when he made plans to retire that he would only do so if he could find another abortion practitioner to take over his business.
But he can’t find any physicians willing to make it their job to kill babies through abortions.”
Christensen, said “I have always felt that this is a worthwhile endeavor and a necessary one,” “And there aren’t too many people who will do it.

They continued to discuss how God hates hands that shed innocent blood…Proverbs 6:17.  They further discussed how because of recent laws passed in the state of Wisconsin finding doctors to perform abortions is proving to be quite difficult.  This is a horrific reality that has spanned over forty years but now is soon coming to an end as other states across the country have adopted laws that have either restricted abortions or have underscored the rights of babies to be born alive and for their life to be protected in the event a baby survived a botched abortion.  The Hippocratic Oath says “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone” this includes babies as well.  They continue to encourage us to pray Dear God, End Abortion and Send Revival.





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