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WATCH! VFNtv July 3, 2014



The Green Family: Owners of Hobby Lobby: Grateful for their willingness to Hold the Line
   Greg, Pat, and John share about the encouraging journey of how the owners of Hobby Lobby, the Green Family, made an unwavering stand for God amidst the government mandated healthcare. Facing fines of $15,000 a day, they laid down their wealth in order to stand up for God and their religious beliefs. They continue to share the Green Family’s entrepreneurial journey of honoring God with their business. Imagine two, three and more people standing up for God. What this Supreme Court decision has revealed is that it is ok to declare that JESUS IS LORD! Be encouraged as you hear this testimony of faith empowering you to stand up for God, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: the Supreme Court, tithing, values, the Constitution, voting, and faith. 
Prophetic Warning Regarding Another 9/11 Attack Planned, ABC News Confirms: It’s Time to Pray
   Greg, Pat and John share the recent prophetic word released by Cindy Jacobs. Cindy shares that there is another terrorist attack being strategized against America comparable to 9/11. In addition, ABC News reports how recent actions in America confirm this prophetic word. We must pray for those positioned on our borders, for all points of public transportation, for airport customs, and that they would have eagle’s eyes, says Cindy. Be lifted as you find out, amidst these trying times, what to do, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, ABC News, borders, terrorism, prayers, and abiding. 
Gratitude:  The Blessing of Gratitude, Learn the Importance Starting Each Day with Grateful Heart
   Greg, Pat and John take us back to how the Israelites encountered God when they were in the desert. God established the tabernacle, and it was a grateful heart that was needed to enter His gates. That tabernacle still exists. For those who have said yes to Jesus Christ, that tabernacle is in you. The protocol of a grateful heart in order to tabernacle with God hasn’t changed. The enemy would want you to focus on the fires at your feet and not the blessings within your hands. There is a weird paradigm in America that there can be those who spend their whole lives being ungrateful, nitpicking, and they can still eat and have shelter. Being grateful for what God provides for us causes us to not only be grateful but to also acknowledge God. How we respond to what God has given us is important. Allow these truths to change your perspective of how God has provided for you and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Moses, sacrifices, Jesus Christ, our hearts, depression, abiding, and America. 
Prophesy!  The Harvest: Rick Joyner, Breaking Gift and Self Focus, Learning we Must Focus on Christ in us
   Pat, Greg, and John share about the importance of how we relate to God. God has been preparing a bride for His Son, the church, for the last 2000 years. Can you imagine a bride that is more caught up in her own beauty and talents than the groom that she is to marry? As the church, it is important not to become gift focused, what Jesus has given us, and to focus on Him. What we behold, we become. Be encouraged as your eyes are set on Jesus, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: love, gifts, beauty.


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