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Home » I Stand with Israel Night: Pastor Dan Livingston City Director of CUFI( Christians United for Israel) Shares about his recent trip to Israel

I Stand with Israel Night: Pastor Dan Livingston City Director of CUFI( Christians United for Israel) Shares about his recent trip to Israel


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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat, and John share about Dan Livingston’s, Pastor of Transformation Church and City Representative for Christians United for Israel, his trip, along with 50 other pastors from America to the nation of Israel. He shares his accounts as he encountered soldiers in the IDF, the Iron Dome, the border of Israel, and the father of the kidnapped boys in Israel who was murdered at the hands of terrorism. While walking the soil of Israel, Dan was encouraged as he experienced the resolve of the Jewish people. While talking to soldiers of the IDF supporting the Iron Dome, there was no anxiety amongst them. There is such a resounding faith amongst the people of Israel. He also shares his own experiences of the tunnels dug by Hamas under the soil of Israel. What he shares, you won’t hear on mainstream media and it will surprise you. Amidst the people of Israel, it is leadership of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that Dan shares he’s never met someone who has had a passion and love for his people more than the Prime Minister.

Dan continues to share the importance of the events in Israel by looking at the history of what has brought us to these present events that have been seen on media. What the media consistently broadcasts is the “land issue” of Israel. The truth is the land issue has already been dealt with. The Bible accounts the covenant the Lord has with the people of Israel and the land that was given to Israel, not in 1948, but over 3,000 years ago. The land that was given to Israel is not the present borders of what you may be familiar with, but land that stretches, surprisingly, far greater than one might think. Dan also accounts of past actions within the United Nations that presented the idea of a 25% and 75% land division. Twenty-five percent would be given to the people of Israel and 75% would be given to the Arab Muslims. Israel accepted and the Arabs denied it. When looking at the entire region of the Middle East, Muslim nations make up 640 times what Israel makes up. 640! Is it really about a land issue? Dan also shares some staggering realities about the truth of Palestinians and the origins of their own history. What is repeatedly being left out of media is going to surprise you. Allow your heart to be stirred, your love for Israel to grow, your understanding of the history in the Middle East to increase, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Dan Livingston, CUFI, Israel, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Capital of Palestine, United Nations Resolution 181, Christian Zionist, and prayer. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


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