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VFNRadio First Hour August 14, 2014




The Cover Lifted off of Hamas placing Rocket Launchers near Children


 John, Pat, and Steve share the continuing realities of what is taking place at the hands of the terrorist organization, Hamas. CBN has previously reported, as well as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that Hamas is using children to protect their rocket launchers.  Videos from international journalists have brought video and images to these truths and that is helping the world audience see clearly what is happening in Gaza at the hands of Hamas. As the church, we must continue to pray not only for the defense and safety of Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces, but we must also pray for the protection of the Palestinian people and for the actions of Hamas to be exposed. Broaden your understanding of what is taking place, how you can respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Hamas, United Nations, journalists, media, Israeli Defense Forces, and prayer.


 The Iron Dome in Action; Amazing Technology with Effective Results


 John, Pat, and Steve share an impactful video of the technology that is protecting the lives of Israelis as well as Palestinians. The Iron Dome with a mobile deployment system of Battle Management & Control Unit, Tracking Radar, and Launchers with 20 interceptors can be deployed wherever it is needed. With a $225 Million investment, the United States was able to fund the development of Israel Defense with the Iron Dome. What is additionally encouraging to know is that the Israeli people understand if the Iron Dome misses, it is the true Iron Dome, God, that protects them. Enjoy this encouraging moment as you learn about Israel’s Defense, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Iron Dome, technology, Israel, Israeli Defense Forces, and prayer.


ISIS must be STOPPED! They are Beheading Children: It’s Time to be the “Good Samaritan” and Do Something

John, Pat, and Steve share about the horrific tragedies that are continuing to happen in the Middle East. Many have hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t get worse. It has. Reports are being released that the terrorist organization, ISIS, is now beheading children. This is true progression of evil. It is wrong, it is horrific and just plain evil. CBN reports from Northern Iraq how Iraqis are being persecuted, and how in one day, thousands of Iraqis have had to flee from fear of what ISIS is doing. An Iraqi man stated,”they take everything from the house, from the store, everything, they take like the machine. Because they are Christians, just the name Christians, they hate Christians especially. We don’t know why.”  ISIS has continued to expand their own borders by breaking down the borders of others. Currently, ISIS has taken control over Northern parts of Iraq and Eastern Syria. Dr. Sarah Ahmed, from the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation of The Middle East, stated, “What is happening now to the Azidis, to the Christians, to the minorities, like in the last couple of days to the Christians, is a genocide.”We must continue to pray. Fox News also interviewed former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee and discussed the Vatican’s strong statement against ISIS’s actions. Mike Huckabee brings great clarity to what a peace maker is in a situation such as this. How Jesus shared the story of the Good Samaritan and his response to the broken and robbed person highlights for us how to respond. Find out the detailed realities of what is happening, how the church can respond, and so much more.  Also shared in this segment: ISIS, CBN, Fox News, the persecuted church, Azidis, President Barack Obama, the Good Samartian, and prayer.



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