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WATCH! VFNtv August 20, 2014



It’s OK for our Generation to believe that God has Blessed America and not Lose Sight of the many blessings that have Overtaken us

 Greg, Pat, and John have an interesting conversation about generations. When we look back in history, we can see that history is made up of generations. Looking back in the Old Testament, the Israelites went through their own sequence of events. Generation by generation they were led, by the hand and mercies of God, out of Egypt, into the wilderness, to the boundaries of the blessed land flowing with milk and honey, and eventually into the land flowing with milk and honey. God had a plan that he desired for His people.

While the Israelites were in Egypt, they were under the oppression of slavery. Crying out for deliverance, God heard their prayers and responded in His mercy. In the wilderness, many forgot that it was the mercies of God that led them out of Egypt. The leadership that God established, Moses, was being criticized. God was not deaf to these words. When God led the Israelites to the land flowing with milk and honey, which is now present day Israel, they had to have faith and believe that God would provide for them and overcome the giants of the land. By this point, the original generation had died away from plagues because of their grumbling and complaining.

The narrative being sown across the land of America is that it is not a blessed land flowing with milk and honey. The lie being shared is that God was involved in the foundations of America. The saying, “for God and country”, is significant in these matters. Because God came first, the nation of America came about. It is for “God and country”, not “for country and many gods”. Have we forgotten that America is a blessed land? Have we forgotten the significance of God’s role in the birthing of America? It’s OK to recognize America as a blessed land flowing with milk and honey. It’s OK to look back on the history in America. It’s OK to revisit the monuments and see the significance of the Biblical values carved into stone. It’s OK to stand with your hand over your heart pledging allegiance to the American Flag. Enjoy this encouraging discussion as you remember what makes the nation of America great, how we can return to a place of gratitude acknowledging all that God has done, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Jehoshaphat, Ahab, gratitude, Original Intent, Founding Fathers, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, First Amendment, Generations, complaining, and faith.


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