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VFNRadio Second Hour September 12, 2014



ISIS Bull’s-eye on Jordan, Next Stop: Israel

John, Pat, and Steve continue the conversation about the movements of ISIS and their intentions in the Middle East. As ISIS has maintained a significant presence within Iraq and Syria, CBN reports how they are setting their sights on the West and the nation of Jordan. Reports are that the danger posed most to Jordan is not the pressure of ISIS’s advancements, but the internal presence of Muslim Brotherhood supporters within Jordan that would agree with the ideologies of ISIS. These realities pose a significant threat to Israel as Jordan makes up the majority of Israel’s Eastern border. These are critical days for the church to pray for Israel. Find out the details of what is taking place in the Middle East, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Jordan, Petra, ISIS, Israel, and prayer.


Bobbie Bowden’s ¼ Quarter Wisdom-‘Wisdom on Faith’

John, Pat, and Steve share about Florida State University’s former football coach, Bobbie Bowden. After 55 years of coaching, Bowden is the most winning football coach in college history. At 84 years of age, he shares some of the wisdom he has learned in his book, The Wisdom of Faith. Bowden shares that ‘life and death is more important than winning and losing’. After all that he has accomplished, he shares that nothing is more important than his faith in Jesus Christ. If you are a sports enthusiast you understand that after the game, there is still more: Jesus Christ. Be encouraged as you hear more about Bobby Bowden’s life and so much more. Also shared in this segment: NCAA, SEC football, Florida State, Florida Gators, eternity, and salvation.

Four Turning Points- James Gall

John, Pat, and Steve share a recent article from James Gall about the turning points for the church that are ahead of us. For years, Gall states that he has been stating that there will be a war involving Gaza and Syria. From here, it will only increase to what he describes as a “boiling cauldron”.  As darkness increases, Gall encourages others with the reality that as every nation rises against Israel, “There will be one nation that will arise in that dark hour—the nation called the ‘body of Christ’ who will be Israel’s best friend.” Gall continues to share the spiritual encounters he had of the coming days, “the sounds of Heavenly Hope”, the “West Coast Rumble”, and “The Door to the Harvest”. As these trying days are increasing throughout the Earth, be encouraged as you learn God is in control, He has a plan, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: war, dreams, vision, hardships, angels, and sickles.

The Value SEEKING UNDERSTANDING: What you Don’t Know Can Cost You

John and Pat discuss the importance and the extreme value in seeking understanding.  What we don’t understand will often time cost us in so many ways.  They share how often times we miss the magnitude of a moment or fail to appreciate the value of something or someone simply because we lack understanding.  Have you ever met someone  and at the time you didn’t think much of it but only to find out later that the person you met was significant person in your community or the Kingdom of God because of their labors and contributions.  Or have you ever heard of a story or even experience yourself buying  a very expensive rare antique or item at a garage sale for pennies only to later find out that it was extremely valuable. 

There is nothing like realizing after the fact that you missed or failed to recognize something.  Proverbs 4:7 says “ Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.  Though it cost you all you have get understanding.” It was there right in front of you the whole time.  It is so important to understand that we are just passing through this place called earth and our existence as we know it today will one day be no more.  They continue to discuss how they have heard it said that you don’t realize what you have until you lose it.  They further discuss why does that have to be our reality. The truth is that it doesn’t if we apply the wisdom of God to our lives.  We must never allow things that matter least to compromise the things that matter the most in our lives.  That’s why it’s important to know your values.  You will truly maximize life and alleviate many regrets people have when its all over .  We need to know God.  It’s only when we have an abiding relationship with Jesus that we can begin to fully discern and seek understanding to determine our values the things that matter most.  We must know and understand the extreme value we have to God and that we are His treasured possession when have this understanding it will totally revolutionize how we relate to God and truly empower us enjoy and celebrate our relationship with our heavenly Father.


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