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Home » WATCH! VFNtv September 16, 2014

WATCH! VFNtv September 16, 2014



Shemitah- Is there a Coming Financial Collapse?

   John, Pat, and Steve share about a powerful interview between CBN’s Pat Robertson and author Jonathan Cahn’s new book, The Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3,000 Year- Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future, the World’s Future, and Your Future! As Cahn shares, The Shemitah in Hebrew teachings regarding the harvest and every 7 years there is to be a time of rest. There is a wiping clear of debts. For those that follow and honor God, it is a time of rest. For the nations that rebel against God, what is meant as a time of rest then becomes a time of judgment.  In this book, Cahn details how the law delivered by Moses highlights the timeline and dates that point to the rise and fall in economies, in regards to finances, and even nations. In deeper detail, Cahn brings a connection to specific financial crashes within the Stock Exchange, specific wars, and even how the buildings and destruction of certain buildings is correlated to the nation. Amidst these events, he brings encouragement and how to find safety in such difficult days that are ahead. Be greatly encouraged and prepared as you hear what is taking place, what can be taking place in the days ahead, how you can prepare, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Harbinger, CBN, Jonathan Cahn, Pat Robertson, World War I, The Vietnam War, The New York Stock Exchange, The Twin Towers, 9/11, and The Great Depression.

The Importance of Beholding Jesus

    Steve, John, and Pat have an encouraging conversation about the importance of beholding Jesus. What we set our gaze on, what we set our focus on, is what we will become. Over 25 years ago, Rick Joyner wrote the prophetic book, The Harvest and much of what was written is currently taking place in the world today. Much of the truths that are shared are applicable to the Body of Christ.

“There has been a fundamental deception promulgated throughout the body of Christ which has tried to focus our attention on who we are in Christ instead of who He is in us. We don’t need to know who we are in Him, but when that becomes our emphasis we will never become who He has called us to be. We are not changed by seeing ourselves. It is by beholding His glory that we are changed into His image, which is the image the church is called to bear.”

This is so important when we think about the present days that we are in and the shakings that are taking place in the Earth. When Peter responded to the voice of Jesus, he was able to step out of the boat and onto the water, because his eyes were fixated on Jesus. God desires a work to be done in our hearts, and that will be carried out the greatest when our gaze and attention is fixated on the Cross of Christ. Be greatly encouraged as you learn how, in these tumultuous days, you can be more and more like Christ each day, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: abiding, motorcycles, Steve Hill, cameras, The Harvest, and faith.


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