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VFNRadio Second Hour September 8, 2014



When God Calls

   Steve, John, Pat share from their abiding time and look at the difference of how the disciples responded to the words of Jesus versus how the religious leaders of the day did. In Mark 1, the Bible shares how the disciples, “at once”, left their nets to follow Jesus when Jesus called out to them, “Follow Me”. This is so different from how the religious leaders reacted to the words of Jesus. When Jesus called the 12 that He would spend the most time with, He didn’t find them in the temples of the day, and He found them being faithful where they presently were.

Many are presently “in their nets” as the disciples were wondering if there is something more too where they are something else. What some may not know is that God has a call upon your life. There is a plan that God has for you and your life. He is calling out to you hoping that you will hear “the call” upon your life as the disciples did. Be encouraged and lifted up as you learn about a life with Jesus versus life without Him, how to respond to Jesus’ voice, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: temples, religious leaders, fishermen, obedience, the Kingdom, hardship, process, and toys.

Chris’s Dog Motel: Humor

 John, Pat, and Steve enjoy a humorous moment as they discuss Chris’s new plans of adding another dog to the family. Considering what happened to Chris as child, some would be traumatized, not ever wanting another dog again. After all these years, Chris has still remained a dog lover. Enjoy a laugh about dogs, sailboats, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: sailboats, Great Dane, pugs, and humor.




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