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Home » WATCH! VFNtv October 7, 2014

WATCH! VFNtv October 7, 2014



Perspective on Ebola

Greg, Pat and John have an insightful conversation of how we can and should respond to what is taking place regarding Ebola and how it is moving across the globe. As the church, we cannot have the mindset of things happening “over there” or “those people”. Regardless of where this is taking place, it is human beings that are sick. Jesus said, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25:40.  Like a cold, it can be stopped. We can pray. Find out the details of other plagues throughout the world, what the Bible says about plagues, and so much more. Also shared in the segment: Bubonic Plague, prayer, Liberia, humanitarian aid, and Operation Blessing. See more, related content and articles for this article.

Second of the Four Blood Moons Preview- Watch What Happens to Israel

Greg, Pat and John discuss the importance of the Blood Moon that is to take place tomorrow. This is the 2ndof the four blood moons that is to take place over a 17 month period. When looking over the past 500 years, this is the third time this has happened; and it always involves Israel and the Jewish people. What begins with a time of tears for the Jewish people ends with hope. It is important to remember, the persecution and unrest in the Middle East against the Jewish people has not always been. Before the four Blood Moons started in April of 2014, ISIS was not an increasing threat. Prior to these, the concern was the nuclear armament of Iran. Now the focus has been shifted to ISIS. Keep your focus upon Israel. Remain prayerful and vigilant for the peace and salvation of Israel. This is not a time to be fearful, but a time to remain hopeful. Deliverance is coming, but we must first endure the tears. Find out more of the events that brought us to where we are, how the church can respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Four Blood Moons, Pastor John Hagee, Chuck Pierce, Harry Truman, WWII, ISIS, Iran, Green Party, President Assad, President Obama, Hosni Mubarak, Mohamed Morsi, and John Kerry.

Isis, Iran, Mexican Gangs, and America – The Progression has started an Organized Effort against Humanity

Greg, Pat and John have a discussion about clarity in the Middle East and the world. There has been a strategic plan involving many of the roles in the Middle East. There was a transition of power in Egypt that allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to enter a nation where they were once barred. Under the Syrian Presidency of Bashar al-Assad, the mention of “jihad” (Islamic holy war) was not even allowed to be mentioned, or even exercised. Things are changing in the Middle East. There is a ring around Israel that is presently shifting and the nations around Israel are becoming more and more anti-Israel. The media and voices regarding the Middle East are continually focused on ISIS. What happened to the issue of a nuclear Iran? CBN reports how Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states that ‘ISIS must be defeated; but to leave Iran is to win the battle but to lose the war’. If we as the church humble ourselves, and repent of our wicked ways, God will hear our prayers. Pastor John Kilpatrick of Church of His Presence, asks where the urgency is? The church must wake up to the reality that the persecution happening throughout the world against Christians is not going to just stay where it is, this is coming to America. Be encouraged as you hear the vitality of the church’s role in the present uprisings across the world, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Pastor John Kilpatrick, ISIS, Iran, Brigitte Gabriel, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Rick Joyner, and 4 Blood Moons.


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