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Home » WATCH! VFNtv October 1, 2014

WATCH! VFNtv October 1, 2014



From ISIS to Khorasan – Does current Middle East Conflict and Wars date back over 100 years? – What is the END GAME?

Greg, Pat, and John bring an insightful conversation and perspective of clarity of all that is taking place in the world right now. Considering the history of America, many would understand that the borders of the present day states are not the original borders. The Louisiana Purchase was not the purchase of the state Louisiana as some might think. On the contrary, it was the acquisition of everything west of the Mississippi River. Borders were then created. Taking this into consideration one can understand the processes and events that have taken place in the Middle East.

In recent news, the current administration of America shared how air strikes were made against a Khorasan Cell in Syria. What does this mean? When looking at the Middle East and the specific borders of the nations within the Middle East, these were not the original boundaries within the regions. Actually, there were far less. To go back to original creation of these boundaries, you have to go as far back as World War I and the instrumental leaders to bring about the understanding of what is taking place. What is the ultimate End Game and intentions of the organizations within the Middle East? Israelis and Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and many others have been in and out of news headlines. Glenn Beck and The Blazedelivers an intensive understanding that will give you profound clarity of what is taking place, the nations that are involved, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front, Hamas, Hezbollah, Woodrow Wilson, Israel, Palestinians, Great Britain, France, United Nations, and America.


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