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There is only ONE King and ONE Kingdom; Don’t Get Distracted by Darkness, God’s About to Bring the LIGHT Answer

    It is an encouraging season to remember the moment when God brought about His Son Jesus Christ upon the Earth. God used a journey of signs, wonders, dreams and visions, to guide Joseph and Mary to safety that would end up in the exact place that God designed for the birth of Jesus. Amidst those who were following the signs and the stars in the sky, there were those who felt threatened. At the same time, King Herod felt that his kingdom was being threatened about the words of a new King. King Herod carried out an evil strategy that resulted in a major loss of lives to do all that he could to thwart the plans of this new King. The Magi heard the direction of the Lord. After seeing the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, they knew to go another direction, not back to King Herod. In spite of King Herod’s evil strategies, God’s plans will prevail.
Be encouraged as you hear, similar to the times of Jesus’ birth, how to hear the voice and direction of the Lord, to be a part of what God is doing, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: dreams, visions, miracles, journey, murder, pigs and pearls, the Kingdom, 90 Minutes in Heaven, and hope. Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment.

Race and the Church, “From every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb” Part 1

   A powerful answer to prayer has come about to begin a conversation. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands His disciples, “…go and make disciples of all nations…”. The nations are made up of all people, not one particular demographic, or ethnicity, or race. We are called to tell everybody, of every ethnicity about Jesus. For someone to look at the gathering of the church, the nations should be seen and reflected. How do we win all races to the Lord if we only want to be with our own race?

Our own history must be taken into consideration to how we perceive things. Individually, one can make a statement that “they themselves do not have a problem and consider that nobody does. Let’s just move on”. That is naïve. It is important to not only look at our own history, but also the history of the nation. The more we look at ourselves, and men’s mistakes, our sins, it can get overwhelming. Sometimes we can’t connect with the sinfulness of sin unless we just look at it, the sin of oppression and slavery. If there is an issue in the church, we have an obligation to hear from God about it.

Recently, a meeting of leaders from around the nation came together and responded to the voice of the Lord. Powerful testimonies of healings and empathy were surfaced that were never before realized or possibly understood. This particular meeting was another answer to prayer. The sin of oppression and slavery has to be dealt with in order to release what is about to happen. Just this week, Pastor Len Ballenger of Jubilee Christian International hosted a panel of pastors to begin a conversation about diversity in the church. Be encouraged and greatly inspired as you hear of the journey of confirmations and affirmations from the Lord that led to where we are now, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: diversity, military, ethnos, nations, Azusa Street Revival, justice, mindsets, spiritual warfare, history, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., slavery, segregation, empathy, healing, John Wayne, The Hand of God, 2020, Harlem, leadership, and love. Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment.


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