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WATCH! VFNRadio Second Hour December 11, 2014



Is it true the way we treat others is really how we are treating Christ?  Matt 25:40

Headlines across the nations have caused some to simply respond in shock to the injustices are being witnessed. So often we credit things to men and their schemes. God is picking at a wound that we as the Church refuse to heal. Part of healing me is hearing me and the conversation has started. Often times we have the wrong response to wounds. According to Jesus, it matters how we treat other people even when we may not necessarily fully understand the situation someone may presently be in. In his book, Blood Lines, Don Piper stated, “New laws will not change an old heart but the gospel will change the nations.” There are two distinct differences between simply pointing out the wrong or the injustices in a situation, and sharing the love of the Gospel. One is depending on our ability to make things right and the other trusts the Holy Spirit to do things in His order and in His timing.

The truth of the Gospel and the finished work of the Cross has power and it works no matter where you are or who you are speaking to, the Gospel works. God has a desire to carry about His will and His plans because they are good. Be encouraged as you hear the conversations that have so beautifully begun like an orchestra throughout different voices in the Body of Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: hearts, wounds, healing, judgments, justice, righteousness, repentance, volleyball, and love.
Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

Benjamin Watson- New Orleans Saints NFL Player – Bold, Honest and Encouraging Expression on Facebook – 860,000 likes later adds dimension to our discussion

    It takes a compassionate heart of empathy and the tensions of understanding so many perspectives of so many different ethnicities when a conversation regarding race is begun. In a recent Fox News interview, NFL athlete with the New Orleans Saints, Benjamin Watson, shares his own heart of what the nation is witnessing and what he is personally seeing. Through his transparent words and the meticulous dialogue, Watson expresses the myriad of emotions that so many can empathize with right now. When Watson first began the conversation on CNN, the interview was cut short before the fullness of his heart could be shared.  This time, he talks about his empathetic understanding of so many. As a father himself, he voices words of hope and a perspective that brings great encouragement. As we see the injustices rising in the land, it is vital to cry out for justice knowing that the only place any one person’s right place is at the foot of the cross. Hear the details of these monumental conversations, the array of voices that are beginning the conversation in this critical hour, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: NFL, New Orleans Saints, Benjamin Watson, CNN, Fox News, emotions, empathy, parenting, pop culture, social media, justice, Israel, education, Roy Middleton, mindsets, generations, repentance, and love.

Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.




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