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WATCH! VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program January 21, 2015


Blood Moons – Line up with Jewish Holidays
Greg, Pat, and John discuss the happenings of the 2nd blood moon that has just taken place among the 4 blood moons that is to come. When looking at each of the dates of these blood moons, they take place on significant Jewish holidays. One of the significant holidays is Passover, an important holiday to be mindful of.  In the Old Testament, the Bible details the account of God’s instructions to the Jewish people and how to respond to the death angel that was to “pass over” each of their homes. It was only through the blood of a sacrificed lamb on their doorposts that would keep them safe. As we see the choir of tragedies that are happening across the world, it is not a time to become fearful or distraught. Our hope and safety only comes through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, when we apply His blood to the doorposts of our hearts. Be encouraged in these critical hours as you find out how to have peace and safety, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Ezekiel 38, Pastor John Hagee, Passover, and repentance. 

How does Ebola compare to the Influenza Pandemic Virus of 1918

Greg, Pat, and John have an informational conversation about the details of the diseases that the world is presently witnessing as well as what has happened in the past. Nearly a hundred years ago, America was devastated from the effects of Influenza. In its first wave, Influenza was no more a threat than the flu. Because American soldiers were traveling to Europe in response to World War I, its spread intensified. Reportedly, as Influenza began, it was the young and the elderly that were affected. At the time, Influenza had a 10% death rate. The combination of deaths from World War I & II, The Vietnam War, and The Korean War totaled 637,479. The total deaths of those from Influenza were approximately 675,000. Presently, the Ebola virus is said to have a 90% death rate. In addition to this, there are multiple factors in today’s generation that highlight how the effects of Ebola could be much worse. The Bible details specific responses of God’s perspective of plagues and what the church can do. Also shared in this segment: Operation Blessing, Franklin Graham, John Paul Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, President Barack Obama, PBS, and repentance.

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