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WATCH! VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program First Hour February 25, 2015




Is the Answer to Radical Islam – Jobs as the State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf suggest?


Seeing the actions of the ISIS and Radical Islam in the world’s headlines is nothing new. But, when we consider the possible resolutions that are being discussed about such evil, the need for jobs would not necessarily be on top of the list of eradicating evil terrorism from spreading in the world. According to Inquisitor.com, Marie Harf, Spokesperson to the White House, in an MSNBC discussion stated, “But we cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs. We can work with countries around the world to help improve their governance. We can help them build their economies so they can have job opportunities for these people.” Does that mean if jobs were present, possibly the beheading of 21 Christians on the shores of Tripoli would not have happened? This appears to be exactly opposite of the reality when we look at one particular man, Alton Nolen.  It’s important to connect the dots. According to Fox News, Alton Nolen was an employee at Vaughan Foods and was later fired because of an argument that erupted with a coworker after discussions of trying to get other coworkers to convert to Islam. These events resulted in two women being attacked and ultimately one of them being beheaded. We see the same actions when we look at the shooting that took place in Fort Hood.


If we turn our back on God, He will lift His hand from us. We cannot turn from the acknowledgement of God and think that we will not experience repercussions in our nation. The answer is not employment, it is not more jobs, it is not an economical answer; it has always been Jesus Christ. In major metropolitan areas, some people can live their entire lives within a few blocks, never encountering the people outside of specific areas. If we were to focus on only one nation, then we would be limiting our view to just the blocks within that one nation. We cannot become focused on the culture or the economy of one nation. We are called to advance God’s Kingdom into all nations. Find out the significance of how our lives can effectively impact the world by changing how we view the world, and so much more.

Is Net Neutrality, the Control of the Internet, another Tracking System that will Ultimately Influence how we Buy and Sell?


    When people begin a new product, install new software, or download a new app, often times there is a product agreement or license to read first before permission is granted for us. Often times, we don’t read through these. Only after a few clicks we can begin use. The decisions that we make matter. The words that are being used today, ex: “Net Neutrality”, some might not be aware of what that entails. It’s important to rewind the history a few decades prior and look closely at the Holocaust. Under the tyrannical oppression of Adolf Hitler, more than 6 million Jews were exterminated, strictly for their faith. Before these massacres were carried out, Hitler demised a way to track every individual he intended to murder: tattoos.


With today’s technology, it’s quite easier to track every individual. With each and every item having a specific URL address assigned, everything can be monitored. In a Blaze interview with Mark Cuban, Cuban shares a business perspective of what the outcome of Net Neutrality could result in. As the church, our mindset cannot be a business mindset. Our decisions cannot be motivated by comfort and convenience. Find out what the Word of God says about the days that we are living in, what we should be looking out for, and so much more.




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