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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Mount Carmel like Speech before Congress: America is at a Cross Roads which path are we going to take?

A monumental event has just occurred as Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has addressed the U.S. Congress. The Prime Minister shared a riveting speech that brought extensive clarity to the nuclear arms negotiations that are currently underway between Iran and the United States. Before understanding the significance of the weighty words that the Prime Minister shared, it is vital to realize what is taking place regarding Iran. In one brief 2 minute video we can have a clear viewpoint of the timelines that Iran is currently limited by within the current constraints of sanction and the nearly unlimited timelines and nuclear abilities if these sanctions are removed.

Prime Minister Netanyahu brought encouraging words as he highlighted the heartening truths about how American’s Congress has stood with Israel and supported Israel. “I want to thank you, Democrats and Republicans, for your common support of Israel. Year after year, decade after decade. I know that no matter in which side of the aisle you sit, you stand with Israel.” He continues to highlight, that in the near 4,000 years of Israel’s history, those that have tried to destroy Israel and the Jewish people have been many. The evil that was witnessed through the actions of Nazi, Germany, is being faced again. This time, through Iran.

Regardless of the aisle you are on, you stand with Israel.

As the nuclear negotiations are currently being discussed, the Prime Minister detailed the two different concessions from these negotiations and their potential outcomes. The first concession would leave Iran with its already existing nuclear infrastructure intact; and the second concession causes all of the existing restrictions upon Iran to expire within 10 years. Neither of these deals are good deals; for Israel, for America, or for the world. When we consider the massive amounts of terrorism sponsored by Iran carried out throughout the world, we can see how the global landscape of humanity would be vastly different if Iran did have nuclear capabilities.


The Prime Minister highlights the reality that we must make the choice that provides the peace and safety of Israel. It is a critical moment when Israel comes to the people of America talking about the survival of their country. We have a choice to make. Will we stand with Israel, or will Israel be forced to defend herself alone? Hear the full speech as the Prime Minister discusses in greater details the effects upon the world of a nuclear Iran, the increased nuclear arms race that will develop in the Middle East, the future onset of the two different concessions, and so much more.



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