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WATCH! VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program First Hour April 8, 2015





Christians are being Persecuted while many are Remaining Silent; Will You?

It is important for us as the Body of Christ not to breeze over the events that are taking place across the world, especially when it is regarding our brothers and sisters in Christ. When we take into consideration the 147 Christians that were just massacred in the nation of Kenya, one can’t help but consider the devastation that many are facing who were affected by those 147 lives. How we respond is critical. During a White House Easter Prayer Breakfast, President Obama shared his remarks; “On Easter I do reflect that as a Christian I am supposed to love and I have to say that sometimes when I have listened to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned…but that is a topic for another day.” There is a message for both those are who are persecuting Christians and for those who are being persecuted. God is in control. Hear the full story of what is taking place, how the Church must respond and so much more. John and Steve shared during this program.


Watch! Muslims come to Christianity in Indonesia by the Millions! Indonesia 
Often times, the negativity that is being promulgated around the world through media, can be overwhelming. There is encouragement and it is happening. In the nation of Indonesia, which, according to Charisma Magazine, is the largest Muslim country in the world, there is rapid transformation that is changing both the nation and Islam. Muslims are coming to Christ every 15 seconds. “Approximately 2 million people in Indonesia leave Islam for Christianity every year.” With these overpowering realities, the face of the Muslim community in Indonesia is going to realize a drastic change in the coming years. Based on these reports, “If the growth of Christianity continues at its current rate, by 2035 Indonesia will cease to be a Muslim majority country Indonesia will soon be a Christian nation by the year 2035.” These truly are exciting times in the Kingdom of God as we are witnessing what the Holy Spirit. Be greatly stirred about this move of God that is changing nations as you hear further information from this report and so much more. John and Steve shared during this segment.






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