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Israel Blesses the WORLD with CLEAN & GREEN Technology

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LISTEN NOW! The words and voices that are coming against Israel are many and they are increasing. By only listening to these words it is easy to get a negative view of Israel. But, by getting an Israeli view of Israel, you will be shocked as to what is taking place within Israel. As we have discussed in recent posts, Israel is developing cutting edge technology, creating medical breakthroughs, as well as introducing new innovations impacting the environment.

CBN has brought together a riveting collection of storylines in their Made in Israel series that brings to light some of these breakthroughs. In the nation of Israel, sunlight is not something that is difficult to come by. Because of the way that Israel has revolutionized the solar power, the goal of becoming the first country to not be dependent on oil is within their sight. These advancements in solar power attribute to 1/10th of Israel’s total power. It doesn’t stop there, when an inventor had an idea cross his mind, he didn’t let opposition get in his way. After repeated attempts, he is now the first to develop a bicycle created from cardboard. Be amazed as you hear the full story behind the interesting realities and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Made in Israel, blessings, nations, cardboard bicycles, Rwanda, A Better Place, electric car, White House Interview, Hutzpah, and perspective. Greg and John shared in this segment.



CBN’s “Made In Israel-Clean & Green”
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