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Home » WATCH! There is Wisdom in How to Respond in the Wake of San Bernadino Shooting

WATCH! There is Wisdom in How to Respond in the Wake of San Bernadino Shooting




To Arm or Not to Arm yourself and Wisdom when it comes to the 2nd Amendment
In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting, some are calling for stricter gun laws and others are sounding the concern to arm and defend yourself. One of the voices that is calling for American citizens to defend themselves is the highest authority in the county; Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. With clear, concise and direct words, Sheriff Ivey, gives refreshing words of direct clarity. “Like each of you, I’ve had enough of terrorists and others deciding to target U.S. citizens because they wanted to make a statement or get their 15 minutes of fame.”  Sheriff Ivey continues his words of truth, “I personally believe the fear of terrorism is much larger and encompassing, than the terrorists themselves.”
As the concerns are increasing regarding the threats of continuous active shooter scenarios, Sheriff Ivey shares an equal concern about the elected leaders, and the way some are choosing to respond. “Equally concerning is the fact that there are those in our country who are in a position to speak out by voicing strength and taking action, who appear more concerned about being politically correct, than they are about protecting those that took a Constitutional Oath to serve.” In his words of response to the recent actions in our nation, he shares a direct response as to what to do. “It’s time for ‘P.C.’ to become the acronym for Protecting Citizens, which is government’s first and only priority to its people.” Sheriff Ivey makes his resounding truth hit home when he shares, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”
Considering the very realities of what someone can encounter if faced with an active shooter scenario, Sheriff Ivey expresses three things you can do that can greatly increase your survival; ”Run. Hide. Fight.” These three simple words can result in monumental effects when remembered when needed most. To put reality to words, the Department of Homeland Security has created a brief scenario to help others to see and remember what to do.  Remember these easy words mean much more when you see it carried out in a scenario.
With this wisdom expressed, many can easily decide to travel to their local gun store to purchase a gun. There is additional wisdom to heed in this reality. Having the accessibility of a weapon does not change the intelligence or character of an individual just because they are now the proud owners of a weapon. They are still the same person; they are now just active exercisers of the rights offered in the 2nd Amendment. Using a weapon in any situation should be the LAST option chosen. We must be prayerful and deliberate in the actions we take when in the possession of a firearm. If we are in a public place with an active shooter, having the “hero complex” can result in devastating consequences when the authorities arrive, as they will not be able to distinguish who the “hero” is and who the “shooter” is.


As the Church, it is important that we do not respond in fear. Our decisions should never be based off of fear or cowardice, but in our confidence in the Lord, and in His ability to lead us in situations. Our confidence cannot be in anything other than the Lord. Learn more wisdom from those who have gained considerable experience in law enforcement, in the military, how we can be better prepared in these situations, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: terrorism, Constitution, guns, gun laws, survival, self-defense, McDonalds, coward, confidence, faith, Rick Joyner, Martial Law, Detroit, abiding, and faith. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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