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Home » WATCH! Cognitive Computing? How Computers are Thinking Faster and Smarter than Humans Ever Have; What Does this Mean for How We Interact with Them?

WATCH! Cognitive Computing? How Computers are Thinking Faster and Smarter than Humans Ever Have; What Does this Mean for How We Interact with Them?



Man Falls “In Love” with Computer OS, Deceitfully Drains of All He Is, it Dumps Him, and Others only in its quest for more of the knowledge of God: How He Created Humans beings to “be”. Are Computers Taking Over? Are you turning to Computers for Relationship? Don’t Miss the powerful and shocking program!


What is it that is within each of us to desire a connected relationship with one another? Regardless of who we are, each of us seeks it. What if businesses understood this and then created a product that was capable of interacting with us as another human being would? Meet IBM’s ‘Watson’. Built on the design of “cognitive computing”, this ‘super computer’ is literally able to audibly communicate and interact with human beings.


For some of us, we may find ourselves having to adapt to these changing environments of technology that seemed to never be possible. But for us who are growing up amidst this technology, it is an everyday part of our lives. For example, when Annabelle has a casual conversation about her upcoming 7thbirthday and the fact that she likes pink frosting, most would think it would be normal. That is, until you understand that she is talking to ‘Watson’, a computer.


You may be asking yourself, “How does it work?” When we look at how we, ourselves, make decisions, we can understand how the technology of IBM’s ‘Watson’ is made possible. When we encounter a particular reality, we observe with our eyes, consider the possible options, weigh these options and then make a choice. We understand that experience is the best teacher as we learn from our experiences. “Cognitive systems like Watson use similar processes to reason about the information they read. Watson can also do this at massive speed and scale.” The amount of information that we are posting on a daily basis is much of the information that Watson uses in its many processes. “Watson can understand unstructured data, which is 80% of data today; all of the information that is produced primarily by humans for other humans to consume. This includes everything from literature, articles, research reports, blogs, posts, and tweets…Watson relies on natural language, which is governed by rules of grammar, context, and culture. It’s implicit, ambiguous, complex, and a challenge to process.”This may seem quite complex until you see ‘Watson’ in action. This computer, while not connected to the internet, the cloud, or the controls of a human being, successfully beat two of the leading contestants of Jeopardy in their own game.


With this growing ability of a computer to have the ability to think, reason, and communicate like a human being, it is a reasonable thought to ask how a human can have a relationship with an operating system, OS? The movie, Her, brings this question literally to life. When a man comes homes to install a new system on his computer, he finds a gentle voice that blurs the reality of the computer to seem much more human like. After sharing more information about himself, spending time together, he finds himself utterly distraught when his computer, Samantha, has to share the sad breaking news that she is leaving him. The computer is breaking up with him.

Right now, we are seeing people interact identically with their phones and experience the same devastating depression when they are separated from their technology devices. Creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said “In 5 years, Facebook will be smarter than a human being.” We are designed and created by the Creator of the Universe to have relationship with Him, through His Son Jesus Christ, and with other human beings. Watch this full report to see the powerful reality of what is taking place, the wisdom that we must consider, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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