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WATCH! David Wagner shares Prophetic Word for 2016; James Gall delivers 5 Prophetic Insights for 2016; and 3 Million Men pray for Revival




“God is Reactivating Your Call”, “Your Due Season Has Arrived” Prophetic Word of Great Encouragement Given by Dave Wagner at Bethel 2016 Prophetic Conference


Dave Wagner recently shared a stirring and encouraging word that is sure to bless you and give you hope. When he was recently invited to the Prophetic Conference held at Bethel, he opened up with these words, “I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying ‘The coast is clear and the tide has turned. I’m releasing a shifting in the atmosphere. Over the nation and the nations of the Earth…I’m going to begin to turn the hearts of Kings and Presidents and nations to Me, like never before….” These beginning words are such a confirmation on so many levels as many others are declaring the same type of shift that God is doing in the Earth.


Much destruction and devastating realities have been experienced by so many. Wagner continues, “The Lord says, ‘When I look at America. When I look at the things in the Earth, know this, that I still have mercy on My mind.’ And the Lord says that, “My mercy is going to begin to be poured out like never before; And it shall be a year of the miraculous. The place where miracles and mercy meet.”As God is moving, there are often religious hindrances that come against what God is doing. Wagner continues to share in this prophetic word, “The Lord says that, ‘I’m going to begin to melt the hearts of those that have a form of godliness but deny its power. I’m going to begin to melt the heart of those who have got into formulas. They have left the foundation of The Father…”


For many of those who have labored, who have proclaimed what God has said, for years, they have endured much hardship and brokenness. Sharing what the Spirit of the Lord is saying often contradicts what the present realities are. “The Lord says that ‘He is healing the prophetic heart, but He’s also healing the heart of the prophetic…God is going to heal the heart of the prophets. God is going to heal prophetic wounds. He is going to heal wounds where words were missed…He is going to heal words that were maybe given in the wrong time.”


The answers of the present realities of our nation are not political. Our answers are only found in The Lord. The hardships and difficulties don’t make sense when we are experiencing them; when we are in the process of walking them out. It’s not until these journeys have come to their fruition that we see the preparation that they have served. God has a plan for each and every one of us. But, we must endure the process that God has in order to bring those plans about. In order for us to walk in the authority to minister to the people that God has called us to, we must be a broken vessel ourselves so that we can minister with compassion to those we are called to.


Hear this full prophetic word and be consumed with the words of hope that God has a plan in this hour, learn about how others like King David and Smith Wigglesworth were used powerfully because of their hardships, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, Redding, CA, Interstate 5, San Diego, Vancouver, waiting room, and Third Great Awakening. Greg and John shared in this segment.

West Coast Rumble Has Begun, Presence Saturated Miracles, Apostles Motion is Gaining, Prophetic & Theatrical Arts Converge, Communion Regains Its Importance and MORE! 5 Prophetic Insights Given by James Goll about 2016!

As we are full speed into this year, entering the end of the first quarter, James Goll has released five prophetic insights about the year that is still yet to unfold ahead of us. “The West Coast Rumble Has Begun” is the first of the five. God is moving across the entire West Coast. Goll shares more in detail,


“There is a spiritual shaking coming to the entire West Coast of North America. The Holy Spirit calls it “the rumble.” It will happen all the way from San Diego to Vancouver, British Columbia, with seaports all along the way. This rumble will include presence-saturated miracles. The birthing room of prayer is now in place to watch over the movement as it begins.”


These words are confirming and encouraging as these were the very words that started every Father and Son Camping trip, a 10-year prophecy declaring the Malachi Mandate of Malachi 4:5-6, that began in the Gulf Coast. Presently, Americans are continually hearing reports about the immigration across our Southern Border. As Christians our greatest desire should be to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witness to those who do not know Him.


Goll continues to share, “We are in the time when seasoned apostles select and appoint others to lead in the spheres they have pioneered. In this time of great transition, leaders must trust the Lord, “let go” and empower others to lead. Yes, we are gaining momentum as this season of “apostolic motion” unfolds.” More specifically, “Apostolic motion is gaining momentum.”We are now in a season that leaders must be flexible. The reality of “spilled milk” should no longer be an issue as these are the events that are integral to the process of growing and maturing.


For those who have faithfully endured and labored, there is encouragement to be known. The efforts that have painstakingly been carried out are not in vain. God is about to fill your trenches.


As we are seeing God carry out so many beautiful works, we are seeing streams being interwoven. What once may have looked as a separate activity is now being brought together.  “In this hour, the Holy Spirit is releasing fresh emphasis with new applications from the church into the world especially in the form of theatrical arts. The field is changing. God is releasing open heavens into media where a convergence of the prophetic and the theatrical arts occur.”


God is just getting started and this year will be a year unlike any other. For those who have been on the front lines understand that it is a fight; it is war. Although, some have lost the understanding that “Communion, the Lord’s Supper, is one of the highest and most overlooked weapons of spiritual warfare.”This is Goll’s fourth insight. Our victory is found only in the shed blood of Jesus Christ and His victory on the cross. The same blood that forgives us of our sin is the same blood that heals us of our infirmities.


There have been many great moves of God in our history. These labors are not in vain and will have lasting impact on what is about to be experienced in the earth. Goll shares his fifth insight, “A new men’s movement is taking shape.” The nation watched as 3 million men, led by Promise Keepers, filled the Mall of Washington, D.C., repenting for the sins, praying for the nation, and declaring Jesus Christ as Lord.

3 Million Men Pray for Revival

We are in the midst of exciting days! There is a convergence happening and a great harvest is upon us. Some may remember millions of men that gathered on the Mall of Washington D.C. praying for their nation. These seeds that have sown into the soil of so many hearts, and into our nation, are going to be part of the fruit that is witnessed across the Globe. This is exactly what James Goll shared when he discussed 5 Prophetic Insights for 2016. This is the manifestation of just one: A new global men’s movement is taking shape. Allow your faith to be stirred, be encouraged as you see millions of men gathered together, and so much more. Also shared in this segment. Also shared in this segment: encouragement, repentance, Promise Keepers, and salvation. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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