Home Prophecy WATCH! Financial Collapse Looming in Puerto Rico, America, China, and Israel? And Robot Wars in England: Under the Water and Over the Air

WATCH! Financial Collapse Looming in Puerto Rico, America, China, and Israel? And Robot Wars in England: Under the Water and Over the Air


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RAPPING IN THE WHITE HOUSE ROSE GARDEN, Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyles with President Obama’s Assistance; Bob Dilan?

Not too many people get the opportunity to deliver a freestyle word with the President of the United States in the Rose Garden of the White House. While the President himself holds a stack of cards with words not known, Lin-Manuel Miranda proceeds as President Obama initiates the notes with his own words, “Drop the beat”. As a nearby drummer begins to set the rhythm, Miranda brings the lyrics. Enjoy this humorous moment, a view of the Rose Garden you may have never seen, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: spoken word, Congress, Constitution, Immigrants, NASA, Oval Office, and The Federalist Papers. Greg shared in this segment.

Financial Collapse Looming; Puerto Rico, Israel and China’s Financial Looming Struggles causing some to Cry out to God

Lin-Manuel Miranda was originally born in Puerto Rico and the economy of his native land is now undergoing a difficult time.  He recently called on Congress to help for needed support. “We face a financial crisis that triples anything you’re experiencing here in the United States. And, it’s a solvable, fixable crisis, and what we really need is help, and what we really need is help from Congress.” Maybe unknown to some, but the very Coat of Arms of Puerto Rico, is the Lamb of God sitting on the Bible with the Seven Seals from Revelation. There are families in Israel that are also in need. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews have responded to the need by donating $8.5 million specifically to the IDF. President and Founder of IFCJ, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, stated, “I am pleased that the IDF is acknowledging their need and is partnering with the IFCJ to make sure Israel’s bravest are able to serve in peace, knowing that they and their families are being provided for.” So many voices seek to stir up beliefs that are contrary to the reality of Israel, such as the BDS Movement, but we are thankful for organizations such as IFCJ and DEISI who are standing up for truth and standing up for Israel.

China is also experiencing financial hardship. CBN is reporting how leaders in China are meeting to put together a final budget, the Church in China is responding by praying for them. “Believers in Beijing organize an exciting and vibrant worship service. Through the singing of worship, they ask the Holy Spirit to help Chinese officials understand the urgency of changing China into a Christian nation.” The looming financial crisis that are being felt around the world is what was warned about by God in numerous past prophetic warnings. Economies are like our blood flow. When economies don’t move, nothing moves.


God has shown all the paper money in the world being set ablaze in flames; and another shares how he was shown in a prophetic vision of a reporter in the New York Stock Exchange sharing, “The world as you know it will be over in 6 minutes”. Prophecy is God warning us of the future before it happens. He does this so that we can prepare adequately and not be surprised when these days arrive. God is still in control and He has a plan. Hear the full stories of what is taking place in China, in Israel, in Puerto Rico, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, Hamilton, Kansas, Oklahoma, budget, deficits, economy, repentance, idols, Bull Markets, Apartheid, and crisis.

Robotic War in Land, Surface, and Sea happening in England


War is nothing new to the world, but what may be new to some is how aircraft and vessels are unmanned altogether. Some may be aware of these “drones”. Regardless, these drones are changing the face of warfare. According to Mirror, UK’s Royal Navy will be carrying out “Robot Wars” this October. Some are deeming these drones as ‘sinister’ while others are dependent upon them for critical reconnaissance and intelligence. These Robot Wars are coming while America and South Korea have just carried out their own war games, as well as the chaos taking place in the Middle East. When we take the humanness out of war, we tend to be more apt to harm other humans. There was a day that we valued human life, all human life. It appears that those days are rapidly changing. Hear the full story specifically detailing these Robot Wars, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: war, surveillance, Taliban, Afghanistan, targets, air systems, air space, collateral damage, and locusts. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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