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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Celebrate their Nation’s 25 Year Relationship


LISTEN NOW! We have continually seen the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly speaking about the necessity for peace. We have also seen our current leadership dishonoring the Prime Minister by not seeing him when he is in America.  These truly are interesting days that we are living in. When the President of America is not embracing Benjamin Netanyahu, there is another president that is: Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Yes, Russia.

As Breaking Israel News reports, Prime Minister Netanyahu was recently in Russia visiting to discuss important topics of the Syrian Civil War, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and the visitation to the “Open a Door to Israel” exhibit for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. One of the notable statements made while at this exhibit was when Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “We certainly feel at home. Israel’s doors are open to Russia and Russia’s doors are open to Israel.”


We must continue to not only pray for the peace and safety of Israel, but also for the leadership of America to recognize and stand alongside Israel during these times. Hear more about the past meetings between Prime Minister Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: safety, Israel, museum, exhibit, President Obama, and prayer. John shared in this segment.

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