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The Wind of Heaven is Coming! To Washington D.C. and to The Earth!
Many are looking at the events that have taken place in America wondering what is going on. It’s as if a pile of papers were simply been blown everywhere after a strong wind! IT IS THE WIND OF HEAVEN! This IS the year of the wind! It is these very words that were prophetically spoken by Pastor John Kilpatrick, as well as others, regarding the realities that would take place this year.
As 2016 was off to a fresh start, Pastor John Kilpatrick released the word, ‘The Wind of God’. He wastes no time sharing the encouraging words that the Lord revealed to him as they were fresh in his spirit.
“The Lord shall rise up and make Himself known. The forgotten shall shout for great joy. The heathen will see a great light. Unbelievers will take another look. Experts will be stumped. Nations shall be shaken, but kingdoms will be jolted. Dead dry bones will receive a fresh prophetic wind. Some will struggle with a question, ‘Is this God or is this the Devil?’, but God will receive all the glory for His mysterious wonders. This will be a year of the winds of God and those winds are already blowing even as I speak this word.”
As repeated travesty and hardship has been experienced throughout the nation causing many to respond with anxiety and fear, we can rest in the reassurance that God is still in control. Instead of breathing the air of the world, breathe deep of the fresh wind from God.
“God said I’ve released my Spirit and the Spirit is going to rush to you. As a matter of fact, He is rushing to you even now as you hear this. He’s filling your lungs again with life giving oxygen. Take a deep breath. Breathe Him in. Holy Spirit is resuscitating and reviving you even as this word is being released…”
God is about to do a mighty wonder throughout all the land, and many will be touched. But, it may not happen how we expect it to. As Pastor Kilpatrick shares, a mighty harvest will come through the internet.
“There’s coming a great international harvest of souls through the net, The Internet, and online. He said that the Internet will light up as the Holy Spirit accelerates His mighty wonders. He also said that the net and the lines will bring tremendous and miraculous provision to the Body of Christ, to God’s people, because time is of the essence, and the waters are abundant for harvest…”
This mighty coming wind was so strong, that Brett Holderbaum also received a prophetic word about these coming days. During a time of worship, he felt a strong wind blow so hard that it was difficult for him to stand. “Lord, what are you saying?” was his immediate response. Immediately after asking this question, he was shown a storm beginning to form off the coast of Africa. The Lord continued to describe, in detail, how a storm increases, from a Tropical Depression and into a Hurricane. As the Lord was continuing to speak about this process, Brett was shown a Hurricane traveling up the Eastern Coast of the United States. As the storm was moving, the Lord began to speak, “I’m tearing down the monuments. All the monuments that man has made, I’m tearing them down. A fresh wind is going to blow through Washington, a fresh wind.”
We need to remind ourselves that men are not in control. Washington is not in control. The media is not in control. God is in control. Politics appear to be going every way imaginable, except for the way God says is right. This is simply God’s wind blowing upon man’s ideas. If there was something that men could do to stop it, they could.
John Ramos had a night vision of the effects of this mighty wind. In this encounter, he saw Greg Lancaster on his back, holding on to these large ropes that were attached to this large sail that was shaking violently in the wind. Greg was gripping the ropes with all of his strength knowing that at any moment he would be ripped from the ground by the “power of the wind”.
As John continues to describe the encounter, he celebrates with a couple regarding the birth of their first baby. As John as about to change his clothes for some upcoming meetings, he was suddenly told that everything had changed. Then he was told, “THIS IS A NEW HORIZON”.
Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share a word from the Lord as he was awoken in the early morning with these words, “The wind has shifted.” Pastor Kilpatrick continues, “It wasn’t the natural wind that the Lord was talking about, it was some kind of another wind.” Only moments later, a friend called him confirming this very word and bringing to his attention that Bob Dylan had recently been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. As Kilpatrick describes one of Dylan’s songs, he then points to the title: “The Answer is Blowing in the Wind”.
In addition, he was then reminded of a prophetic word released by Chuck Pierce that, “The winds have been blowing in the heavens for the last 8 years and I’m about to let those winds no reach the Earth, and they’re going to start blowing.”



Now is the time to look up and be encouraged with truth that God is not shocked at the events unfolding in America and across the Earth. As shakings increase and continue throughout the land, there is no safer place to be than to be in Christ. We do this by becoming His disciple, and spending time, daily, abiding with Him. Hear the fullness of each of these stirring prophetic words, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophetic wind, the downfall of Jezebel, the internet, drought, drenching rain, opportunity, oxygen, fear, Washington Monument, 7 Mountains, and hope. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

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