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LISTEN NOW! We are coming out of one season and entering into an entirely new season. It is important to recognize this shift as the previous mindsets of the past season cannot be carried into this new season. It’s going to take an entirely new language to understand how to walk in agreement with what God is doing. There have been so many uprisings and divisions happening in the natural. Instead of trying to respond in the natural, we must recognize these realities can only be first addressed in the spirit. When Perry Stone recently shared with Sid Roth, he revealed that satan has a manifesto against America.
As Stone points out, “The job of the enemy is to try and effect the Body of Christ.” When we understand the many ministries and blessings that are sent all across the world from the Church in the United States, we can better understand why satan is focused on disrupting what the Lord is doing through the Body of Christ in America. The Body of Christ is not simply how some perceive it to be, but who God says it is. As Stone further describes, “The Body of Christ is large, it’s not a particular denomination. Its people whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.” Stone begins to detail how the enemy is strategizing against the Church in this hour. “The enemy is doing his best to cause a racial division again in the United States.”Who we are, as the Church, transcends how people are perceived to be in the eyes of the world. Stone points out how it is imperative that we must recognize the Kingdom values first, and everything else second. “We have got to stop this mess, where we make everything political in the Body of Christ…blood should be thicker than politics.”
Stone continues to highlight how these strategies of the enemy will be unraveled when the pastors get behind their pulpit and boldly preach the Gospel of truth. Regardless of what politics may be happening in the nation, Stone emphasizes this important reality that must be upheld in the Body of Christ: “I’m a Christian first. I’m an American next.”
Over the past eight years, everything that could be divided, has been divided. We need to be united as one, in the Church. The unity within the Church should be our greatest witness. As T.D. Jakes has shared, because the Church has remained silent, the world has attempted to take up the conversation in the streets. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also pointed out that the most segregated hour is Sunday morning. We must begin to walk out unity in Christ, as Christ calls it to be. Unity is not our idea, but the Lord’s idea. In this hour, our greatest witness is our unity. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Civil Christianity, throne room, nations, tribes, tongues, peoples, languages, racism, ethnic division, and missionaries. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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