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President Trump’s Historic Visit to Israel; Reaffirming U.S. and Israel’s Unbreakable Bond Part 2


LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) [Part 1 of 2] It is such exciting times as we continue our coverage of President Trump’s first international trip. We are watching history in the making as President Trump is the first American President to visit Israel during his first international trip. These truly are exciting days that we are living in. After the President shared his remarks as President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed him at Ben Gurion Airport, he also spoke before the media alongside President Rivlin.
The warm welcome to Israel continued with the warm dialogue between the two Presidents. President Rivlin was quick to express his deep thoughts and gratitude about their relationship. “I believe that the unbreakable bond between us, along with your determination, will open up new possibilities for the state of Israel and the entire region.” President Rivlin expressed his understanding on the presence of America in Israel. “Mr. President we are happy to see that America is back in the area, America is back again.”
As President Rivlin spoke about the close ties and relationships between the two nations, he also expressed Israel’s willingness to support and assist America in their fight against ISIS and America’s actions towards Syria. “There are red lines, as it happens in Syria, that must never be crossed. There is a price that must be paid by those who violate the most basic values that makes us human. Further action must be considered in face of the horrors that is still taking place on the other side of our borders.” President Rivlin understands the urgency to respond to such atrocities in the region as Israel has worked very hard to establish peach with close neighbors in the region; Jordan and Egypt.
As much as peace is understood to be the goal, there is no doubt that it takes considerable efforts and actions to make these ideas a reality. Speaking in regard to Iran, President Rivlin said, “…we must be sure that we don’t go to sleep with a dream and wake up with a nightmare…”
President Trump welcomed the opportunity to not only be with President Rivlin, but also in the state of Israel. “Thank you very much and shalom, I am honored to be in the great state of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people. I am awed by the beauty and majesty of this sacred and very holy land.” His words of encouragement were continual as the President reaffirmed America’s long-standing relationship with Israel. “On my first trip overseas, I’ve come to this ancient land to reaffirm the enduring friendship between the United States and the State of Israel and it will always be enduring. And that’s number one to me. We’re not only long time friends we are great allies and partners.”
As the President expresses his support and allegiance to Israel, he understands that their partnership with one another is strategic in combating evil. “Together we can work to end the scourge of violence that has taken so many lives, here in Israel and around the world, most importantly the United States and Israel, can declare, with one voice, that Iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, never ever. And must cease its deadly funding and training, equipping of terrorists and militias.” This is such an integral part of this battle as the President continues to underscore that many in the region have expressed their support to see peace in the region.
This is such an exciting moment in history. If you have prayed for the peace of Israel, this is a direct answer to your prayers! Over the last eight years, we have seen, with the previous Administration, that seemed to have attacked Israel and partnered with Shia Muslims in Iran. Today is a new day as there is a new leadership at the helm.
President Trump was able to exchange words of encouragement and support with President Rivlin. He was also able to spend time with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As the Prime Minister began the conversation, the overwhelming joy and excitement of the moment can surely be felt as it was clearly demonstrated by the smile on the Prime Minister’s face. “President Trump, Donald, Sara and I are absolutely delighted to welcome you and Melania to the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, the united capital of the Jewish state. We’ve known each other for many years, and it’s always good to see you.”
As the two continued their encouraging dialogue, the Prime Minister shared his excitement on the day’s recent travels by President Trump. “You’ve been today, Mr. President, to the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites of Judaism. You have been to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, one of the holiest sites of Christianity.” The Prime Minister continues to point out, “We protect the Christian sites as no one else does anywhere in this region. We protect Christian sites, Muslim sites, obviously Jewish sites. We’re committed to the freedom of all faiths and to the rights of all.” If the reality of the President’s visit to Israel were not historic enough, the President made history again as he is the first acting U.S. President to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Just as President Rivlin expressed, Prime Minister Netanyahu also expressed his deep gratitude for the President’s actions towards Syria, as well as his presence while visiting Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “I want you to know how much we appreciate your bold decision to act against the use of chemical weapons in Syria. And I want to tell you also how much we appreciate the reassertion of American leadership in the Middle East.” It is these actions that are so well received by Israel, as they understand that America is a vital part in establishing peace and safety in the region. The Prime Minister continued to share, “I look forward to working closely with you to confront the dangers we face together in this violent and volatile Middle East. I believe that together we can roll back Iran’s march of aggression and terror in this region, and we can thwart Iran’s unbridled ambition to become a nuclear weapon state.” It is these recent actions from President Trump that highlights the optimism that Prime Minister Netanyahu has. “But for the first time in many years — and, Mr. President, for the first time in my lifetime –I see a real hope for change.”
The excitement and gratitude continued to fill the air as President Trump responded to the Prime Minister’s kind remarks. “And it’s a great honor to be with my good friend, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and, of course, Sara.” Many people may not have known of the historic significance of President Trump’s visit to Israel, or his visit to the Western Wall. But, as President Trump continues to express, the Prime Minister was the first to visit the White House. “You honored me and Melania by being one of the first world leaders to visit the White House, as you know.” As President Trump and First Lady Melania continued their trip in Israel, the Prime Minister and his wife, Sara, reciprocated the warm welcome by welcoming them to their private residence.
President Trump continued his warm remarks as he spoke on the beautiful sights seen during his trip in Israel. “This is a land filled with beauty, wonder, and the spirit of God. I’ve been amazed by the glorious and beautiful monuments and holy sites, and the generosity of your incredible people.  Because it’s all about the people.” He continued to speak about his visit to the Western Wall. “I was deeply moved by my visit today to the Western Wall. Words fail to capture the experience. It will leave an impression on me forever.”
This visit has cast a new perspective of optimism for the President. “During my travels, I have seen many hopeful signs that lead me to believe that we can truly achieve a more peaceful future for this region and for people of all faiths and all beliefs and, frankly, all over the world.” The President continues to point out how encouraging it was to meet with the many leaders during his trip to Saudi Arabia. “I’m encouraged that they pledge cooperation to confront terrorism and the hateful ideology that drives it so hard. America welcomes the action and support of any nation willing to do the hard but vital work in eradicating the violent ideologies that have caused so much needless bloodshed and killing here and all over the world.”
As the President continues to share about his partnership with Israel, as well as his recent time in Saudi Arabia, he turns the attention back to creating peace between Palestinians and Israelis. “This includes a renewed effort at peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and I thank the Prime Minister for his commitment to pursuing the peace process. He’s working very hard at it. It’s not easy. I’ve heard it’s one of the toughest deals of all, but I have a feeling that we’re going to get there eventually, I hope.” This is the type of optimism and action that we have been longing for, for many years.
As was previously stated, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and his wife Sara, welcomed President Trump and First Lady Melania to their private residence. As the President and First Lady are welcomed, they sign a guest book as warm comments exchange between the couples. After further photos, the Prime Minister then presents a gift to the President and First Lady; a 150-year-old Bible.  The warm relations continue as Jared Kushner was also invited to meet the Prime Minister and his family.  
As the President continues to have his many speeches and events during his visit, he had another joint press conference alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demonstrating the continual and deepening bond. This is such a pivotal moment in the long-standing history between America and Israel. If you have been praying for the peace of Israel, this is a direct answer to your prayers. See the full report of President Trump’s visit to Israel and the many warm dialogues between both President Trump and President Rivlin, as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: the difference between President and Prime Minister, state sponsor of terror, Iran, Jerusalem Israel, The Western Wall, The Jewish State of Israel, The Middle East, Jordan, Egypt, Jared Kushner, First Lady Melania Trump, and The Knesset. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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