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WATCH! 50 Tents Worshiping God in Washington DC; Prophetic Word from Bill Yount; and Reportedly False News from CNN


50 Tents for 50 States Worshiping God in Washington D.C.! Awake the Dawn!
Can you imagine 50 different tents representing 50 different states, worshiping 24 hours a day in Washington D.C. praising God and praying for our nation? This is Awaken the Dawn! As he received the mandate from the Lord, David Bradshaw, talks about this tremendous event with Mike Bickle and the upcoming event that is happening October 6-9th.
This isn’t a concert where people go to see other perform. You can be a part. As Bradshaw explains, “The difference between this event and many others, is that we are inviting you to come and take your spot in the gathering, to help lead it.” Mike Bickle adds to this as he shares how entire worship teams can come and be a part. “So, if you want to go and bring your worship team, bring your singers, musicians, but more than that, bring your friends to come for that three-day period…” At the end of these three days, Lou Engle will be holding “The Call” on the National Mall as well. Register NOW at AwakenTheDawn.org.
It is so encouraging to see so many moving in unity in the Holy Spirit, for the sole purpose of praying for our nation to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. David’s Tent carried out a similar event as it gathered for 40 days on The White House Ellipse for continuous worship and prayer. Visionary of David’s Tent, David Hershey, shares the inspiring story of the journey of how this materialized. In a conversation with Reverend Patrick Mahoney, with the Christian Defense Coalition, the topic of getting a permit for 40 days and nights of continuous praise and worship in Washington D.C. was being discussed. “It’s unheard of. Everything is gone. Lincoln Memorial. Gone. The Mall. Gone. McPherson Square. Gone.” But God had a plan. Hear Hershey share the encouraging story of how it all took place.
Because of the faithfulness of what took place during David’s Tent, we are seeing breakthrough after breakthrough taking place in Washington D.C. and our nation. See the full story of what is taking place with Awaken The Dawn, David’s Tent, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prayer, worship, Washington D.C., faith, encouragement, The White House, hope, and the Million Man March. Greg shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! God is Blowing the Hinges off the Newsroom! Three CNN Reporters Laid Off for Fake News? Prophetic Word from Bill Yount being Fulfilled!
God is continually revealing how in control He is. He is not surprised nor shocked at what is taking place in the world. As the Spirit of the Lord recently revealed to Bill Yount, “God is blowing the Hinges off the Newsroom!” More specifically, Bill Yount shares prophetically what the Lord made known to him.
“I heard this Jewish carpenter declaring, “The day of trying to force square pegs into round holes is over. I’m carving out a new place for My so called ‘misfits’ to influence the government of this nation.  Since My foolishness is wiser than man’s wisdom, many will wonder what I’m up to in Washington, DC.

 I’m digging up the foundation of a nation until it hits rock bottom. I will then hewn it out of My rock of ages. Many will witness My explosive power like dynamite, interrupting and shaking the hell out of this nation, releasing a tsunami effect worldwide with the fear of the Lord. The fuse has been lit. Stay focused on Me and don’t get addicted to the news of this world. Up until now they have blocked Me out, but the media will soon give way as I blow the hinges off of newsrooms.”
As God is blowing the hinges off of the newsrooms, look at what just took place in the media. Fox News’ Sean Hannity recently shared about the “credibility crisis” that is taking place within CNN. Hannity further explains, “[CNN] is under fire, yet again, pushing fake news. Now three employees supposedly ‘resigned’ last night after the network had to retract a completely false story about…Anthony Scaramucci, claiming that he was being investigated for ‘colluding with the Russians’ through dealings with a Russian investment fund.” As the truth has now been revealed that the stories coming from CNN are indeed false, President Trump has responded with his own take on the situation by tweeting this: “Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!”
Hannity continues to show the repeated history of false claims that have had to be retracted by CNN during the last month. Hannity also points to a recent video released by Project Veritas that reportedly shows an undercover meeting with CNN Supervising Producer, John Bonifield. In this meeting, Bonifield describes, how after covering the climate accord for a day and a half, was then told to return to coverage on Russia. “And the CEO of CNN said in our internal meeting, he said, ‘good job everybody covering the climate accords, but we’re done with it let’s get back to Russia’”. The coverage continues to show Bonifield stating that CNN does not “have any big giant proof” regarding any claim involving Russia to be credible. Hannity also points out a recent Harvard study that reveals CNN’s coverage of President Trump, from January 20 to April 29, 93% of what CNN reported was negative.
It is imperative to understand that our present news coverage is not what it used to be. Our present media is all about the advertisements, producing dividends for its stock holders, and increasing ratings. We can either serve God or money. We cannot serve both. See the full story to see what is happening in media today, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Project Veritas, Fox News, Sean Hannity, CNN President Zucker, CNN, colluding with Russia, Fake News, prophecy, prophetic word, Bill Yount, and truth. Greg shared in this segment.

ROOF KNOCKING! The Compassion of the Israeli Defense Forces; Former IDF Soldier, Hananya Naftali, shares an inside view from his own experience
We not only love Israel, but we also love the Israeli Defense Forces, the IDF. These are the men and women who serve in Israel to defend the state of Israel and the people within its borders. While some news outlets portray the IDF as evil, it cannot be emphasized enough that the IDF is truly a compassionate force. As a former IDF soldier, Hananya Naftali shares about some of the things the IDF teaches to its soldiers.
Naftali shares about a small booklet that each soldier receives upon entering the IDF, “The IDF Code of Ethics”, also known as “The Spirit of the IDF”. Naftali reads specifically from the Code of Ethics as he reads about human dignity. “The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to protect human dignity. Every human being is of value, regardless of his or her origin, religion, nationality, gender, status or position.” While sharing real-world examples, Naftali describes how Israeli soldiers care for wounded Syrians, “that no one else cares about, not even their own government”.
Naftali continues to read about the value of human life as is described in the IDF Code of Ethics. “The IDF servicemen and women will act in a judicious and safe manner in all they do, out of recognition of the supreme value of human life. During combat, they will endanger themselves and their comrades only to the extent required to carry out their mission.” As Naftali points out, the IDF keeps the value of life as a high priority in all their actions. During the Gaza War, the IDF carried out what is known as “roof knocking”.
As Hamas was known to take small buildings as outposts, the IDF would fire a small missile at precision located targets. The missile was small enough not to cause structural damage, but large enough to signify everyone in the house that a larger missile was on the verge of destroying the entire building. About a minute later, the larger rocket decimates the structure. This delay is carried out to allow ample time for non-combatants to flee the targeted location. Looking at these realities, Naftali asks this important question, “I’m asking myself why the truth is not being said on BBC or CNN?”
It is these truths that we must share to the world about Israel and the IDF. Some of the stories that are being said in today’s media about Israel and the IDF are simply not true. See the full story from Hananya Naftali, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: compassion, military, the Israeli Defense Forces, Gaza War, Hamas, IDF Code of Ethics, Syria, and Hananya Naftali. Greg shared in this segment.

Was America’s Involvement in the Paris Climate Accord an Implementation Straight out of Rules for Radicals?
America has witnessed continual change since President Trump has taken office. During the past administration, global warming was a topic that was continually pushed and covered. Only months after President Trump took office, he took swift action of removing America from the Paris Climate Accord. Some were for the Accord, while others have been strongly against it. David Horowitz recently shared his perspective on the Jim Bakker Show.
“First of all, the Paris Climate Accord was a scam. It was designed to make these globalist politicians look good, when they did nothing.” He further points out the overwhelming expectation for America to fund the Accord while holding no accountability for other countries. “The carbon emission standards that are part of the Accord are all voluntary. They don’t hold any countries to anything. So, it’s a ‘non-Accord’”. Here is where the absurdity of the Accord comes to light. Horowitz continues, “In order to get [other countries] to sign an accord, which doesn’t hold them to anything, the United States is supposed to give them $100 Billion, in bribes.” Horowitz continues to elaborate how Global Warming has been a hoax from the left. “It’s made for them to institute government controls over everything…It’s a perfect totalitarian dream.”
When we look at the events, we must remember the simple book, Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinksy. The back of the book is dedicated to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, as they were both trained by Alinsky, as a community organizer. Obama taught organizing before he became president. In addition to this, the inside dedication page is dedicated to Lucifer. As the book focuses on 13 tactics, one of these emphasizes global warming. “Remember:  once you organize people around something as commonly agreed upon as POLLUTION, then an organized people is on the move.  From there it’s a short and natural step to political pollution, to Pentagon pollution.” Global warming has been being used as a tactic to organize the nation and the world. It is only by the mercies of God that God stepped in and stopped the progress of whatever plan was being implemented. Now is the time for us to use our freedoms for the Lord.
These are such important truths to see and recognize. See the full statements from David Horowitz about the Paris Climate Accord, how global warming is taught in the book Rules for Radicals, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Paris Climate Accord, global warming, Saul Alinksy, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, freedom, and truth. Greg shared in this segment. 


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