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Home » PROPHECY! HOLLYWOOD TAKEN BY GOD in 1 YEAR, #EntertainmentMountain, Kat Kerr

PROPHECY! HOLLYWOOD TAKEN BY GOD in 1 YEAR, #EntertainmentMountain, Kat Kerr



Kat Kerr is interviewed on Elijah’s List and shares about what God is going to do in Hollywood! “There will be many extremely wealthy people that will get born again, that will want to put their money into the Kingdom immediately. I am talking about celebrities…He is taking Hollywood!” Kat says that we have not seen some actors and actresses be born again behind the scenes but what is coming will be different. “What is coming out of Hollywood at the end of two years, it’s going to start this year (2018) will be powerful. It doesn’t mean it will be Bible stories, but He is going to change the content in a lot of these movies and the ones who don’t want to do it won’t remain.”

This is exciting to see that the Entertainment Mountain is being taken for God! Also, God is going to take the other mountains including the Education Mountain. Greg shares how God has also shown him prophetically through a dream of this taking place. He saw God’s glory in schools! It is very important for young people to experience the glory of God. In the dream, the teachers and the students didn’t want to leave, and a choir began to sing. The children were tattered and torn because of life, and an actress was moved but what she saw caused her to want to give and meet their needs so that none of them would have to worry again. God is going to begin to shift the poverty off the Church and areas that have struggled with poverty. In the dream, the young people could not handle the blessings that were being poured out, so the blessing had to be handled by someone else. We need to prepare our children and ourselves to be able to have the integrity to be able to handle the demands of reality. Everyone must get under authority and accountability to grow in character and integrity.

These are great days for the Church because God is taking His Church back. We can get ready for these great things that are coming! We want to hear from you. You can write to us at Greg and John shared in this segment.

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