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WATCH! Values Voter Summit: Gary Bauer-The Fight Over America



Values Voter Summit: Gary Bauer- The Fight Over America

The Values Voter Summit 2018 had some powerful speakers, and Gary Bauer is no different. He speaks about the Supreme Court Justices and gives an overview of the Justices that have been nominated over the years, including Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the trouble for him to be confirmed. He also highlights the fact that the fight in America is about abortion. But we can fight back with our vote!

Gary speaks of Clarence Thomas and how he faced adversity when he was nominated for Supreme Court Justice, and now that he has been a Justice for many years he has stood by the Constitution and has remained a just judge!

He speaks next about Justice Kavanaugh. “This is a travesty; I cannot imagine what it has felt like for Judge Kavanaugh to be in that hearing room …it is almost like political waterboarding. It’s what our confirmation process has become.” He talks about Senator Cory Booker and how in this hearing he said he was going to release private documents that were only to be seen by those in the hearing. He didn’t realize that the Senate had already cleared the documents to be released and he was upset that had happened! He was upset that he was accused of following the rules of the Senate. Gary continues to speak about how Senator Kamala Harris manipulated information that Judge Kavanaugh said and cut out certain parts, so she quoted Judge Kavanaugh but left out certain parts of what he said to make him look bad.

“When it comes to stopping a person like Judge Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court the left will do anything. You know if you watch the hearings that all during this back and forth, Judge Kavanaugh did one of the most amazing jobs I have ever seen in my life, in hearing those questions. In the audience…there were these Antifa wannabes, acting like little Nazis trying to shout down the hearings. Now that’s happened over the years…but you know what also happened anytime that took place? The Senators in the room of both parties would say, “We would like to ask the audience to please remain quiet or if you cannot leave the room. This is a preceding of the United States Senate; you are here as a guest in the hearing room.” Not one Democrat Senator disciplined those people in that room. The things they were yelling were so over the top that Mrs. Kavanaugh had to take their two daughters out of the room. Rather than let them sit there and hear the things being yelled at their father. And not a Democrat on the committee said a word.”

Gary continues, “All these cases, all these confirmation battles that we have seen over the years, you know what the main reason is. There is a lot of things that divide right and left, but the main reason is the left is scared to death that at some point there might be five justices on the Supreme Court that will actually make a ruling that could save a few babies. This is what drives them insane, that instead of one million abortions a year, maybe we will only have 900,000 and that to them would be a tragedy.”

It matters who we vote for because it affects many different aspects and we can vote in Judges who uphold the Constitution! You can find out more about the candidates running for office here and become a value-based voter! We want to hear from you; you can write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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