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Beyond Encouraging! God has Marked Your Seed Prophecy- Pastor John Kilpatrick



Most of us have prayed for our children even before they were born, desiring for God to use our children and for them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor John Kilpatrick with Church of His Presence received a prophetic word on November 11, 2018, declaring that God has marked our children! It is very encouraging and has touched many people. Claim this word for your children and yourself!

“I have already marked your seed. They shall not be outside, but they will be inside the ark of My presence. You have become drunk with the cares of this life and you are troubled in mind and spirit, says the Lord.  You are troubled by the things that you believe will be beyond your reach, but you must know that I have heard your prayers from the first day that you came to Me with tears and a trembling heart about your concern. I have already answered the very thing that you are anxious about.  

“Your seed will touch many! They have been chosen from long ago. They will emerge at the hour of my choosing. These children of yours will be almost unrecognizable to you because I will anoint them to do exploits!  They will know me, and they will accomplish all I have laid My hand on them to do. Not only will they do great things, but they will in the company of those I am raising up who also will do great things. They will be friends with mighty evangelists. They will be friends with anointed psalmists as well as highly anointed and influential Christian leaders. And God said your children and your grandchildren will meet together regularly to share amazing stories of breakthrough and answered prayers. And their stories will even exceed your own stories. I have declared this to be so even before you were wed. They will become even greater than you can imagine. They have My name already stamped upon their foreheads. They shall go in and out of places where others cannot go.  

“As for you, you have fretted and grieved about what kind of footprint you will leave behind. God said, Oh, but you cannot yet see what I have in store for you! Your previous footprint cannot compare to what God is going to do. I have already declared your end from the beginning. You are attempting to see in a dark place where My glory has not yet full arisen upon what I am going to do with you. You are looking through a glass darkly, My golden light will arise upon you and shall be seen upon you. Just as with Sarah of old your last trimester is going to produce far greater than you have ever known.  

“The thing that I am birthing in you, I am giving you the authority to tend to, to care for, and to bring to fruition the things that I have promised you, not somebody else. After a short travail, you will attend to what you have been carrying that no one else can see.  What you knew as a sketch will all be filled in with bold lines and dramatic color and framed just for this season of your life. What you once despised will be displayed as a complete work of My grace and glory. The things that you had to go through that caused you tears and heartbreak and anguish and even loss of confidence and at times a loss of faith. God said, what you once despised that season that you had to go through will now be on display like a piece of art on an easel. And it will be a completed work of My grace and My glory.  

“Your voice will be heard; your halting lack of confidence will melt away. I will cause your voice to carry others, and your words will become beams of light for those still struggling like you once struggled for so long caught between yesterday and today.  Do not attempt to look into My glorious plans because your eye can’t see yet and your ear can’t yet hear, and it’s not yet entered into your mind what I’m going to do.  What I have for you has appeared to you as a bucking stallion that you were unable to get on and ride. But when you finally mount the season that I have been preparing for you, you will find out that it wasn’t the horse at all that wasn’t ready, it was you! You will mount up with ease, and your latter footprint will be far greater than all the previous misunderstood years.   

“Only those who have been meek will ride with me in that day that I have declared and revealed unto you. This day I have measured you, and I have marked you and yours. And I will give you My hidden manna so that you may have the strength for the days ahead. Rejoice! I have not only hidden you in My pavilion, but I have hidden your sons and your daughters, and they shall abide under the shadow of My wings. I the Lord am more able to perform what I have promised.”

Lock into this word and receive it for you and your family and be encouraged! You can also watch or listen to the full prophecy. We want to hear how you have claimed this word. Write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Screenshot courtesy of Youtube.com John Kilpatrick

God Has Marked Your Children
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