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Home » Whoever Gets 5G First Rules the Word: The Race to 5G-The Next Industrial Revolution

Whoever Gets 5G First Rules the Word: The Race to 5G-The Next Industrial Revolution



What does 5G technology mean? There has been a great change in technology in such a short time. Currently, most people have 4G technology, and this new 5G is planned to unfold in the year 2020! If we look at where phones started, they were originally on a wired analog system. Then they were moved to digital technology which entailed towers being put up everywhere that was increased to 4G overtime to send a certain speed to our phones. This 4G technology allowed us to have video on our phones. Now with 5G, the goal is for there to be no lag time which lag time can happen now with 4G.

We find out more about 5G and where phone technology has come from by IEEE Technology sharing this information with us. “1G brought us the very first cellphones, 2G let us text for the first time, 3G brought us online, and 4G delivered the speeds that we enjoy today! But, as more users come online 4G networks have just about reached the limit of what they are capable of at a time when users want even more data for their smartphones and devices…(5G) will be able to handle 1,000 times more traffic than today’s networks, and it will be up to 10 times faster than 4G LTE…5G will be the foundation for virtual reality, autonomous driving, the internet of things…”

This technology was not supposed to come out until the year 2025, but it is now projected for 2020! Whoever gets 5G first will dominate the world because future wars will be done virtually! America may have dominance now because our physical military is strong but if we do not get this technology, then the country that has it will be the new leader in the world. Whoever controls this network controls the world!

Newt Gingrich, on his podcast Newt’s World, interviews Terry Halverson, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of Information Technology and Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics. Terry is asked the question, what is 5G technology and how is it different from 4G? “…5G networks can operate and move data at about one gig per second. That’s much faster than the 4G networks. If you are going to do that in latency that is about seven milliseconds. Seven milliseconds are very close to real time. The third piece of this is data storage…tomorrow we will be able to store a terabyte of data. That is an unbelievably large amount of data that you have in your hands at the edge!”

Terry continues to talk about data and artificial or augmented intelligence (AI). Only about 25% of all data can be used. He says part of the reason for that is that humans cannot process that much information. This is where AI is needed. “The computer and the learning network are going to be able to do an analysis on the big part of the data, sort it analyze it and present the human decision maker. Intelligence or information is usable data. It’s information that is presented in a format so that it allows you to make a decision.” This will be moving what a human would normally do to having AI to do it because it will just get better and better at it.

This is amazing how quickly digital things can move! We have wondered how we can handle all the data that is being thrown at us, but with this terabyte of storage being available on the phone it solves that problem.

Back on Newt’s podcast, he asks the question to Terry, why is 5G considered the next industrial revolution? “The first industrial revolution was really taking and was a process-based revolution. We took the processes of individual craftsmen and making individual products…the first revolution said let’s change that process. How do you massively manufacture? You standardize the process, and you put out things like the Model T which they all look the same…that was the big industrial revolution…this fourth industrial revolution is really about bringing all of that together. With massive amounts of data, AI, smart factories. Which now you will have robots doing more of these tasks. You will have machines doing more things and doing them effectively.”

The next question Terry answers is how this will affect people and their jobs since robots and machines can do many of the tasks that we can do. “I think I would be foolish to say there won’t be some initial negative impacts. This will replace some jobs. But what I think will happen at a fast rate, it’s going to create new jobs.”

Because of these new jobs, we must be open to learning new things! To be blessed we must stay in the learning curve, which Greg wrote about in his new book I Will Fight and you can order today to find out how to stay in this learning curve.

At CPAC 2019 a panel spoke about the fact that whoever controls 5G will control the world! One man said that “Many people say the race for 5G, which will be determined in the next 2 or 3 years, really is going to determine the fate of the world for the first half of this century…as you put it (5G) together with AI, there is no question that this is going to be where a country acquires data and will be able to use it efficiently and effectively.” They also talk about how there is a foreign influence operation from China that is affecting America’s democracy.

We don’t want a communist nation in America like China. They have a credit system in place, Sesame Credit, that gives citizens a credit score based on how they live and what they do. Anyone can score them in this system, and their individual score will determine if they can get transportation, buy or even sell food or other things. It will be mandated in 2020, and it shows how China is working to control and even take over the world! We must seek God for wisdom in these days and walk in His peace knowing that He is in control. We want to know what you think about this! Write to us at [email protected]. Also, you can listen to our podcast anytime! Please subscribe here and rate us so that many others can hear about events in the world from a Biblical perspective. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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CPAC 2019 – How China is Using 5G & AI to Take Over the World 
The 4th Industrial Revolution Part 1-Episode 6
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