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WATCH! What’s Stressing Americans and Strategies for Managing Stress in Your Life




What’s Stressing Americans and Strategies for Managing Stress in Your Life

Many negative things are being stirred up in the United States, which is creating an environment of chronic stress. What exactly is stressing Americans? What strategies can we use to manage stress? We look at that and more in this segment because many are suffering and need relief from chronic stress. Many handle stress the wrong way, but we share ways to manage it the right way without the need to turn to an addiction. An addiction can be food, medication, even religion! As a believer, we should only be looking to Holy Spirit to be our only comfort because He is our Comforter. Greg shares how as he prays the Tabernacle Prayer, for Holy Spirit to comfort him in his day to day life. It is so easy to turn to things and stuff to seek satisfaction, but we can pray everyday for Holy Spirit to be our only comfort!

Everyday Health released a 2019 study about the United States of Stress. “Our research shows that chronic stress is a national epidemic for all genders and ages, particularly those who are 25 to 35 years old. To unpack this problem is a matter partly of mental health and partly of physical health. Here’s the hard truth: The causes and solutions to chronic stress are a complex mixture of socioeconomic, environmental, genetic, physical, and spiritual factors. Although there are different types of stress (some are even positive), the type we need to pay attention to, say, experts, is chronic stress. This is the stress that makes it hard to sleep well, makes it nearly impossible to lose weight, and finds us fighting one cold after another. It’s the stress that can both cause medical conditions and trigger and exacerbate flare-ups from existing conditions. This kind of stress depresses the immune system, alters our moods, and damages our professional and personal relationships.”

Key takeaways from Everyday Health’s 2019 Study:

  • Almost one-third of those surveyed say they visited a doctor about something stress-related.
  • 57 percent of the survey respondents say they are paralyzed by stress; 43 percent say they are invigorated by stress.
  • 51 percent of the women surveyed say they don’t see friends at all in an average week.
  • 59 percent of baby boomers have never been diagnosed with a mental health issue; 52 percent of Gen Zers already have been.
  • Just over a third of all respondents say their job or career is a regular source of stress. Among millennials and Gen Zers, the chronically work-stressed rises to 44 percent.
  • More than half of women (51 percent) say they feel bad about their appearance weekly, and 28 percent say their appearance regularly causes them stress. Only 34 percent of men say they feel bad about their appearance weekly.
  • 52 percent of respondents say financial issues regularly stress them out, well above the 35 percent who cited jobs and careers as the next most common stressor.
  • 47 percent of all respondents — with women and men almost evenly matched — say that their response to stress is to take it out on themselves.

When we are under a high amount of stress, everything gets magnified! This is one reason why we started the VFNKB Community, which you can join now where we share with you things that we may have forgotten. Like how to establish routines in your life that give you peace. Did you know that your children are peaceful when you have routines in your life? If you don’t have routines, they are fearful and anxious because they don’t know where things are going next. Establishing routines will help you to reach success in your daily life. We talk about this and more on the VFNKB Community which you can join HERE today!

There are so many positive things happening in America right now with President Donald Trump and his administration fighting for life in the womb, religious freedom, and more. Our economy is doing great with the stock market higher than it has ever been and our military being stronger than it has ever been! Even though great things are happening the enemy is working his hardest to have a narrative broadcast that everything is bad which is causing stress when we really should be celebrating about all the good things that are happening! We must trust God as well and have a relationship with Him to keep our peace. We are called to live out our life with God, not alone or isolated, and maybe you need help to spend time with God? We have a free plan for you at iAbide HERE where you can get that plan today and start your abiding relationship with God.

How do you cope with stress? We have seven strategies to help you cope with and manage chronic stress in your life. The first strategy is to exercise. It doesn’t have to be a huge exercise program, but you can start small and build yourself up to something bigger. Even walking 10 minutes a day can help you! It only takes about six weeks to develop a new habit which if you choose to start with walking ten minutes a day it will help you to reprogram your brain to have this new habit. Once you have developed this habit, it will be easier to do something that is more challenging with exercise.

The other six strategies to help you cope and manage chronic stress will be found in the VFNKB Community HERE. We want you to be encouraged and empowered with these strategies which will help bring peace in your life.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

How do you manage stress? We want to hear about it. You can join the VFNKB Community and let us know or write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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