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WATCH! Prophecy Fulfilled? Swamp Creatures in Washington D.C. Fighting for Last Little Bit of Water; “It’s going to get Uglier but Don’t be Dismayed”




Prophecy Fulfilled? Swamp Creatures in Washington D.C. Fighting for Last Little Bit of Water; “It’s going to get Uglier but Don’t be Dismayed”

We heard Cindy Jacobs giving a prophetic word in 2017 that the political swamp in America would be drained. That was before we had heard anything about the swamp being drained. Lance Wallnau is now speaking about the swamp being drained and how in this fight as the swamp is drained much division is taking place. When you see people trying to divide people then you need to recognize that their goal is to destroy. Where we live is the UNITED States, we are to be united because anything divided against itself will fall as Jesus said. If someone doesn’t care about us, then they are trying to divide us. We must recognize this in the United States to know who is really for our country and for the people in our country.

We join Lance on The Jim Bakker Show talking about how the swamp is draining. “We have to always guard ourselves from extremist, anxieties, and prophetic worries and stuff. But there’s a reason to be concerned, what God has done through Donald Trump, He has surfaced in crystal clarity the nature of the sickness in America. So that you and I don’t sound like we’re crazy anymore. You (Jim Bakker) and I have been talking about this for years people didn’t want to hear it.”

Lance continues how academics is taken over by socialist Marxism and the media is taken over. He says, there has never been a socialist government that has ever succeeded, and he gives Venezuela as an example. Jim wonders why the democratic party has become the socialistic party and Lance answers, “Because power, understand there is always elites that benefit from a structure. The way America has titled the democratic party and the elites, are able to have power if they can capitalize on the discontent of the masses. So, they now are weaponizing division between races, between genders, between sexes. Imagine if you have a devil loose in your ministry, or your business, or in your family whose goal is to create power by dividing the house around issues of strife that cause hatred and violence. That’s how wicked that spirit has become.”

Lance remarks how the media networks are working together to come against President Trump and that the manipulation of the media is at an all-time high. He brings up the white supremacist movement that is supposedly happening in America when it is not really happening, only two dozen people showed up for a gathering in Washington, D.C. There never was a white supremacist movement in America. “The K.K.K. and Jim Crow Laws did have a history in the United States but they were all in democratic states…that tells you that a makeover has been done politically so that the Republicans and the Christians are being smeared by a spirit of Leviathan to look as though they’re the right wing extremist. So, Unite the Right, I believe, was organized by the left…in order to get all the left-wing activists funded.”

This sounds like deception! But if your ideas were that good why don’t you just share ideas the right way? When this organization is moving in a rebellious way, instead of the way the government has established, it is division! We see with the way much of this is happening in America that justice needs to come! It appears that the way the justice system is going many un-constitutional injustices are happening and many that are in jail may need to be let out!

We listen to Cindy Jacobs to remember the prophecy she gave in 2017 on The Jim Bakker Show. “The Lord showed me that as the swamp was drained there were swamp creatures. And what I saw was alligators and snakes and they were all fighting each other. The lower the swamp got the more they turned against each other. And the Lord said to me ‘It’s going to get worse before it gets better.’ It’s going to get very bad, seemingly in Washington D.C., but then after that, it is like when you drain a swamp…they are fighting for the remaining water.”

Cindy continues with when she was with Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets and the presence of God filled the restaurant they were at. Chuck began to prophesy, “There is going to be 10 months of turmoil. And then there will be 3 years of peace, depending how we pray and what we do the next 10 months.” Which this time would have ended in February 2018.

Cindy points out another time she was gathered with other believers and they were praying for the leadership in America and God gave the word, “There are many moles in the various agencies. I want you to pray that every mole is exposed.” Since we are past the time of February 2018 it seems like we did not pray enough but we can definitely see that the swamp is being drained and that moles in government agencies are being exposed! God is aware of everything and is exposing the moles and even warning us ahead of time what will happen.

We must keep praying! We must pray for those in authority and especially for President Donald Trump as the swamp creatures are being exposed. We spoke of the Jezebel spirit in a previous program and it has been prophesied by Pastor John Kilpatrick, with Church of His Presence,  that the Jezebel spirit is about to be exposed! This is not a time for us to be fearful and we must trust God and move where He is calling us to move. Make sure to watch or listen to hear the full segment. We want to hear from you, you can write to us at friends@greglancaster.org!  Greg and John shared in this segment.

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