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This is a prophecy! Dutch Sheets shares of a prophetic encounter where he was seen with six fingers on each hand but because of the sixth finger he could not put on the boxing gloves “Evergreen” and “Everlast.”(see explanation for gloves below) In order for him to be able to fight, his sixth finger had to be cut off and once that happened he could wear the gloves to fight! Giants that were written about in the Bible had six fingers, but we can’t fight the giants how they fight us! We must be who God made us to be and realize that we can’t fight physically but this is a spiritual battle. Watch or listen now to hear the full prophetic word.

Everlast represents that the dream is about the covenant between God and Abraham. Everlast means that God is outside of human time. The Evergreen glove represents an appeal to heaven that was made by George Washington when he made a covenant with one of the first nation tribes to stand together, and they made the covenant together in front of an evergreen. They buried weapons at the foot of an evergreen, which is where we get the saying “bury the hatchet.” Together they appealed to heaven because they could not have victory on their own. Because of this, the first flag that flew over the first colonies read An Appeal to Heaven, and it was written over an evergreen tree. Evergreen trees grow so slow that you will never see it grown in your lifetime which means that evergreen trees are planted for the next generation. Future generations live with our covenant with God! (READ MORE HERE)

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