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As we can see, everything imaginable in our culture is going to be affected. This also includes the political reams. Kenneth Copeland also shares what God showed him regarding the government of America. “Those politicians that refused my call to unite and become the United States of America and not just America, those politicians that refuse to listen, those politicians that continue the pathway of hate, I will remove them from their place. I will remove their influence from the record books. And, I will remove their candle in their families. And I will remove them from office and will put somebody in there that will.” Copeland continues to describe what these coming days will look like in the political realm. “It will be days of political change. Great victories and great defeats. For the spiritual enemies of God and the enemies of His people shall be crushed.” Copeland brings understanding to these words when he reminds us that this is spiritual enemies, not flesh and blood, not people. Copeland continues again what the Spirit of the Lord showed him.

“There are those on both sides of the political divide who refuse to listen to the Lord Advocate General of the Church. Their dreams shall be dashed. Their desires shall be wounded. They will be removed from their offices and replaced. Some by the ballot, some by tragedy, some who in despair will quit and go do something else…This is My country…It was founded by people who love Me for the sole purpose of their love and desire to worship Me and to worship the Almighty God. I will never forget that. Change. 2020. The year of change and manifested power.”

It’s important to remember that 2020 is an election year. Presidential elections are coming up in November. It is time to pay attention and listen to how God leads you to personally vote for those who are candidates in your specific counties and states. God is going to clean house! God is going to deal with those that divide His nation.

Be encouraged as you see the whole conversation and all of the prophetic insights that Kenneth Copeland was given by the Lord, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Holy Spirit, Outpourings, Charismatic Renewal Movement, Charles Simpson, prophecy, dreams, and visions, Kenneth Copeland, financial markets, currency, Holy Spirit, wisdom and revelation. Greg shared in this segment.

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Kenneth Copeland and the Future of America  
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