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It’s important to remember that nothing happens outside of God’s timing and God’s awareness. God is in charge. Kenneth Copeland also shared how the Lord showed him how the great cloud of witnesses is playing an important role in this present season. “But those who have gone before us, the great cloud of witnesses, led by Jesus, are, by intercession, holding things together until the great change has come.” We can’t define the next age that we are entering by looking at the present age that we are in. God has told us these days are coming. God is prophetically letting us know now that things are going to be different.

Be encouraged as you see the whole conversation and all of the prophetic insights that Kenneth Copeland was given by the Lord, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Holy Spirit, Outpourings, Charismatic Renewal Movement, Charles Simpson, prophecy, dreams, and visions, Kenneth Copeland, financial markets, currency, Holy Spirit, wisdom and revelation. Greg shared in this segment.

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Kenneth Copeland and the Future of America  

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