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Living in the Last Days: Are You Prepared? Difficult Days are Ahead, But So is the Harvest!


LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Can you imagine going to Iran and seeing an image of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, plastered across the side of a building? That’s exactly what CNN’s Anthony Bourdain witnessed when he traveled to the capital city of Iran, Tehran. It is imperative to remember and understand that Iran is the country that people were sentenced to a number of lashings because they were too happy. This is the same nation that America cut a deal with. Reportedly, it looks as if we gave them $400 million in exchange for captured journalists. With the simple explanation of a chalkboard, Glenn Beck compares what Iran asked for in the deal and what the U.S. asked for. It’s almost as if America is paying tribute to Iran. We must recognize that difficult days are ahead.

Imagine if, somehow, a military force ended up in the Gulf of Mexico. The Lord has shown to both Greg Lancaster and Brett Holderbaum, an aircraft carrier going down in the Gulf. An aircraft carrier is a sign of America’s strength. In addition, the Lord also showed Greg Lancaster that there was a sudden urgency with no time left. People in Florida were running to the Northern border hoping to get across. As the governor of Florida reached the border, he himself could only reach across, but he himself did not make it. Although, while reaching, he passed what appeared to be papers across the border. It was the constitutional papers of the state of Florida, its very sovereignty.


When we hear people voicing the idea of a “national police force” we must recognize that this is not in line with the original intent of America. A “State of Emergency” would cause a military general to be placed over America, which can also be understood as an interchangeable reality of “Martial Law”.


John Paul Jackson has continually sounded the warnings of the days that we are living in. The realities that we are witnessing in Venezuela are about to take place in America. As Jackson shares the headlines of what he was shown from the Lord, one of the headlines read, “Food Prices Lead Nation’s Escalating Inflation Woes” while another read, “Sysco and Kraft Considers Guards on Delivery Trucks as Food Nears 40% of the Family Budget”. It’s happening as we speak in Venezuela. Hundreds of thousands of people in Venezuela are rushing the border to seek food in neighboring countries only to realize that a month’s worth of wages will only buy 2 days-worth of food.


Today’s generation may not recognize that food take time to grow. We’ve gotten so caught up in technology and the instantaneous timelines of so many processes that we may have forgotten that cows do not come from McDonalds. It wasn’t that long ago that life meant hard work from dusk till dawn for the simple processes of food. Today, 2% of America’s population produces the food for the other 98% with the average distance of the food nearing 1,500 miles; and in some instances over 2,00 miles. What we’re used to getting in a matter of seconds through a fast-food aisle, will take days, if not months to grow.


What we are about to see will cause people to coagulate together with a common goal of searching food for their families and loved ones. This is called a gang. When National Geographic released a fictional video called After Armageddon” it portrayed a family’s response to a national economic crisis. One of the interesting statements made highlighted how people change based on their condition. “We’re nice mainly because we’re rich and comfortable; and when we’re no longer rich and comfortable, we won’t be as nice.” Not only did Jackson warn of coming hardships regarding food, but also riots.


When speaking on Joni Talk, he shared, “Riots are coming. Riots in the streets are coming; and if we’re not careful, shortly after the next Presidential Election, the anger will mount so much that we’ll end up having Martial Law declared. There are 6 cities in the United States, there may be more, but I have seen 6 cities where Martial Law was declared.” He was shown Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and an additional mystery city that he did not know the specifics of. Detroit has warned visitors to “Enter at Your Own Risk”.


In a time of worshiping the Lord, Brett Holderbaum was shown the patterns of a hurricane and felt a strong wind. When he asked the Lord what He was saying, God then showed him Washington D.C. God then said He is “tearing down the mountains and all the monuments that man has made. A fresh wind will blow through D.C.”


When Greg Lancaster was shown a vision from the Lord, America was being attacked from the East and the West. The number of this enemy was 666 and 67 was involved. BUT, the Church is going to multiply and defeat the advancing armies. The encouraging reminder is in the process of desiring a harvest. The hard soil must first be tilled up and softened, in order for the seeds to take root.


Though the enemies are many and advancing, our hope is in the Lord. It’s time to learn how to be the Church. Hearing the voice of God doesn’t just happen. We have to make the conscious decision to become disciples of Jesus Christ. We must spend time with Jesus Christ in the Word of God. The urgency of this matter can be seen when remembering a vision that the Lord gave to Dumitru Duduman. In this night vision, only 25% of the Christians that he was shown knew what to do with the Word of the Lord and fight against the attacks of the Devil while the other remaining 75% were all destroyed. Hear the full discussion of these important matters to understand the urgency of the hour that we are facing, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Iran, Tehran, Malaysia airline, Governor Rick Scott, Valerie Jarrett, CBS Morning News, National Geographic, Texas, prophetic warnings, Mark of the Beast, technology, EMP, Emmaus Road, and discipleship. Greg and John shared in this segment. See original article HERE.

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