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IT’S GOD’S TURN! How God Brings to Pass His Leadership in your Nation and Life Part 1


We are living in a time craziness and witnessing things happening in our nation that is making many simply shake their heads in disbelief. While looking at these realities, it appears that many people are waiting for God to rain down pennies from heaven. Today, we are watching companies have more of the power and control than entire nations and governments. These companies want to take over and lead the world. What do we do? God has a part for each of us to play and exercise our free will responding to God’s direction. When we look at 1 Samuel, we can see how specific people made choices in their lives to follow God. They took the time to seek out what God was saying, to believe Him, and then act on what God was saying. These individuals knew that these choices may even cost them their lives. How many people are looking for a political answer for a Kingdom situation? As you’ll see in this discussion, our answer to the present problems is not a governmental answer. 

This isn’t the first time we are seeing an entire nation reject the leadership that God had in mind to lead. Just ask King David. Everyone must participate in God’s plan and lean into, intentionally seeking out what God is saying. If you’re living your life double minded and in gray areas, you’re not living in faith. If you’re waiting for pennies from Heaven from God, you’re missing it. You have a part to play. God can move despite the negative reports. Be encouraged as you see yourself in the storyline of 1 Samuel, and how you too, can respond to God in this crucial moment of your generation!  

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