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Is Socialism the Way we Want to Go? A Tale of Two Kings; God’s form of Government or Man’s Form of Government


LISTEN NOW! As it stands, we currently have a Presidential Candidate who is proudly saying, “I am a socialist”. Without the understanding of what Socialism is, we lose the impact of what that means. Socialism is a society where everything comes from government, not God. America works because we are One Nation Under God, not under government. Does it matter if we choose for government to be our god rather than God being our God? By looking in the Bible, we can see clear examples of those who chose not to follow God’s design of leadership, and how it turned out for them.

Samuel was a man that God raised up to lead the nation of Israel. As Samuel began getting older, his sons began leading as well. When his sons did not lead as desired by the Israelites, their leadership was no longer wanted. In fact, 1 Samuel 8:5 in The Message Bible shares the account of how the Israelites responded, “…Here’s what we want you to do: Appoint a king to rule us, just like everybody else.” Does this sound like much of what has been proclaimed throughout America today? Instead of desiring to follow God’s order, God’s ways, people are willingly choosing to follow the ideas of Socialism.

Distraught at the people’s response, Samuel took their request to God in prayer. God responds in 1 Samuel 8:7, “Go ahead and do what they’re asking. They are not rejecting you. They’ve rejected me as their King.”People today say that they want a strong government, but the consequences of a strong government are not desirable. How God responds to Samuel as to what will happen if these desired “kings” are put into place, may shock you. 1 Samuel 8:10-18 details the future events for the Israelites:

“This is the way the kind of king you’re talking about operates. He’ll take your sons and make soldiers of them—chariotry, cavalry, infantry, regimented in battalions and squadrons. He’ll put some to forced labor on his farms, plowing and harvesting, and others to making either weapons of war or chariots in which he can ride in luxury. He’ll put your daughters to work as beauticians and waitresses and cooks. He’ll conscript your best fields, vineyards, and orchards and hand them over to his special friends. He’ll tax your harvests and vintage to support his extensive bureaucracy. Your prize workers and best animals he’ll take for his own use. He’ll lay a tax on your flocks and you’ll end up no better than slaves. The day will come when you will cry in desperation because of this king you so much want for yourselves. But don’t expect God to answer.”

Just because we get what we want, does not necessarily mean that we will like what we get. Understand this; if someone is taxed 100% for their labor, they are a slave. Someone who is demanding that taxes are increased are demanding the percentage of slavery be increased in America. If we allow our leaders to turn our attention away from the Original Intent of how this nation was birthed, and towards how other nations are run, we are allowing our nation to be turned away from God. In these moments, God gave us an answer as to how to respond. Hear the full story about socialism in the past, in the present day, the plans that God has for us, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: oppression, slavery, Communism, Capitalism, taxes, construction, unemployment, Russia, healthcare, education, employment, repentance, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Rejecting God as the King, 3 Levels of Judgment

1 Samuel 8, Romans 1

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