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Home » VFNRadio First Hour February 27, 2014

VFNRadio First Hour February 27, 2014


        Kingdom of the World or the Kingdom of God… Which One are You in?

LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss how many dark conversations are taking place in the world.  They continue to discuss how the kingdom of God is completely different from the kingdoms of this world.  If someone is trying to define the kingdom of God by the kingdoms of this world they have missed it.  The Kingdom of God existed before America; in fact America came as a result of the kingdom of God.  The Kingdom of God will exist no matter the environment so when we discuss separating the two this is not a negative thing.  For instance, if someone changes an amendment to the constitution that doesn’t mean that Jesus will change or has been changed.  The kingdom of God is inside of us making us kingdom containers.  As believers we need to go and spread the kingdom and as we do when people receive Jesus into their heart then the Kingdom of God expands.  God’s kingdom does not expand by territory or political party.  They also discussed how the kingdoms of this world will be shaken but what will remain is God’s kingdom.  As a believer you must know what kingdom you are in.  America will stand if we concern ourselves with the kingdom of God.  They further discuss how Esther was able to intervene and spare a people and God answered the prayers of the people as she approached the king which resulted in him changing his edict regarding the Jews.  Today many believers are not even praying for the President.  When Israel had the right perspective, humbled themselves and prayed they saw that God was in control and he touched the heart of the King.  Could it be that today we have placed too much attention on the kingdoms of this world and its leaders than on God? We must remember that our enemy is not a physical enemy but a spiritual enemy.  We need to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.  Once we hear from God and have peace then we can go forth and preach His Kingdom in the entire world.

           How To Live in the Joy of a Holy Stranger

Greg and Pat discuss how we are called to live as holy strangers.   Holy meaning that we belong to God and we follow Him by being brought out from the world and set apart for Him.  Abraham was one who lived as a stranger in his own land.  They continue to discuss how many have settled for the white picket fence dream resulting in 95% of believers not ever winning a person to the Lord in their entire life. They encourage us not to conform.    God says to be Holy.  Christians have become a subculture of the world.  You may be an American but you may be in China, Israel, or India and even Iraq either way you are in the body of Christ living as a holy stranger.  The “American” gospel would have you think that you will need all this stuff.  However, the rich young ruler shows us that it’s not about having stuff because in the end he ended up in hell and the beggar ended up in heaven.   We must not forget that Jesus is building a place for those who are his.  He is coming back for his church.   Paul said that if our hope is just in this lifetime we should be pitied more than anyone else.  Jesus will create a heavenly city where he wants to live with you forever.   This life right now is about us bringing him glory.  It’s pre- marital counseling for our future.  If we die today as a believer we win.  Christians should not fear death.    Everyone is trying so hard to live that they never do.  We must never forget that this world is not our home.  People are walking around so weighed down they have forgotten all that Jesus has done for them, saving them from their sins and making them an heir of God.  They continue to discuss that if the prosperity gospel has worked so well than we need to stop preaching it in America; we are already richer 70 percent of the world.  We need to preach it in Nepal.  The truth is that America is blessed because God blessed it.  If you are just making it in America it’s okay to understand that you are blessed.  They continue to discuss how young kids want to fit in.  That is all a teenager wants to do.  The same is true with adults that want to fit in whether it’s in their work or even their fellowship.  However, we are instructed in God’s word for us not to be conformed to the patterns of this world.  Feeling like a stranger is actually a good thing.  If you do fit in you will eventually fit out of the kingdom if you become like them.  Maybe you should find other “holy strangers” that fellowship with God.  We honor those who don’t fit in.  Today 3% of America employs the other 97% of America.  They stepped out from what was.  We are called to live as holy strangers and to love the world and share with them the love of Jesus that they too may not fit in with the world.  The church emerges when “holy strangers” come together.  Your fellowship is with those who love God.


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