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Life on the Edge: The Most Critical Decade of Your Life, James Dobson


LISTEN NOW! For those graduating seniors, it is a time of celebration. One season is coming to a close and another is beginning. What some may not be aware of is the significance of this season in one’s life. According to James Dobson, author of Life on the Edge, the decade of 16 to 26 is the most critical decade of your life. 

When enduring this season, we may not understand the importance and gravity of the decisions and choices that are made in this decade. As Dobson expresses in this book, it is here when we make financial decisions, relational, and educational decisions that will affect us, whether good or bad, for the rest of our lives.


In the many trials and seasons of life, it is very easy to get off the trail without purpose and vision. We are better equipped to navigate these difficult scenarios when we get wisdom; when we get understanding, as Proverbs encourages us to do. But, we cannot do this on our own. How much easier would these moments be if we had the wisdom and experience of those who have been there before to help us? It is better to borrow wisdom than to have to buy the wisdom ourselves.


When we realize that our lives are not an accident, but that we are individually part of God’s plan, we begin to see the life that we are given, in an entirely new light. If we don’t like where we find ourselves today, we have the power to change that. The reality is, today is the first day of the rest of your life. What are you going to do with it?


When we drive in our cars, the rear-view mirror is much smaller than the windshield. That’s because we were not meant to drive by focusing on the rear view mirror. What is in front of us is more important than what is behind us. It’s the same for our lives. Deciding today to live for the fullness of Jesus Christ is never too late. By understanding how short and how fragile life is, we will not want to waste this life that we’ve been given.


Allow this word to greatly encourage you as you’re reminded of the importance of our decisions, how what we do has significant impact on the rest of our lives, how to seize the life that we have been given, regardless of how old we may be, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: life, eternity, decision, responsibility, experience, mistakes, regret, values, graduation, and wisdom. John and Steve shared in this segment.


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