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WATCH! Radical Islam on Ohio State University; What is a Caliphate?


Radical Islam on Ohio State University; The Women of ISIS; and the First Muslim Congressman being the Next Chair of the Democratic Party? Are we Seeing the Progression of Radical Islam in America?
As many have witnessed Radical Islam throughout the world, many may be asking what the mindset is of these beliefs. Throughout the Middle East, America, and Israel, Radical Islamists have used bombs, cars, and knives to bring harm and even death to those who do not hold the same beliefs that they do. It has happened once again; this time on the campus of Ohio State University.
On Monday, students from Ohio State University were shocked to see a vehicle careening up on the sidewalk, directly at pedestrians. Upon colliding with the targeted pedestrians, Abdul Razak Ali Artan then exited his vehicle and began attacking as many as he could with a butcher’s knife. As CBN reports, “he was a devout Muslim who was angry about the way people of his faith were being treated.” As sources are looking closer into the life of Artan, they are highlighting a recent post to social media from Artan; “If you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace. We will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims.”
Some may respond in shock to the reality of these events in America. But, what some may not be aware of, is the number of Americans who are traveling to the Middle East to join the ranks of ISIS. According to NBC News, there have been 3,000 that have joined ISIS. But, that isn’t the staggering reality. Of those, 550 were women. “1 in 6 volunteers from the West are women”. Some may think that ISIS believes that women have no place in an environment of war. But, as the report continues, this is nothing more than a myth. Within the ranks of ISIS is an all-woman unit, “the Khansaa Brigade, the all-female ISIS Hisbah units who patrolled the streets tasked with enforcing an extreme version of Shariah law”.
From a distance, the actions of Radical Islam and groups like ISIS can be perceived as just a military force. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When we understand the meaning and purpose of a “Caliphate” we can begin to understand what the underlying motives truly are. When explained by Laith Alkhouri, he shares, “A caliphate is a Muslim nation that is under one ruler.” The present day understanding of culture and nationalities are not applicable to this “Caliphate”. “Their allegiance is to this Caliphate which is comprised mostly of Muslims.” There can be those who are non-Muslims, but they are considered “subordinate” in a “Caliphate”. As Alkhouri continues, “For example, Christians would have to pay Jizya, which is a sum of money which goes to the treasury of the Caliphate”. Essentially, a “Caliphate” is a complete governmental, political, and cultural system.
Some people wink at the teachings of the Koran and the Bible thinking they are the same story. What we must understand is that the teachings of the Koran and the Bible are not the same. One cannot believe in both. That would be like agreeing with up AND down at the same time. When we look at Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, there are SOME similarities: each of these faiths trace their heritage back to Jerusalem, and one man: Abraham. But this is where the similarities end. Period. By one brief look at what these three faiths believe, and their understanding of the “end times”, we can clearly see the stark differences between each of them.
As we can clearly see the rising of Radical Islam in the world, and more and more people are beginning to understand the mindsets and teachings of the Koran, some may question some of the recent considerations for the next head of the Democratic Party. Of all the potentials to consider, Minnesota Congressman, Keith Ellison is being considered. This may seem inconsequential, but it is important to note that he is the first Muslim Congressman. Is it a safe question to ask, is now really the best time?


Presently, America is at a point of decision. Right before someone falls, they are at their most prideful moment. There are not a lot of Muslims in America. But, when ones’ belief system entitles them to kill someone else, convert them to their belief system, or force them to pay a tax to live, then, simply put, that is the wrong belief system. Reality is, the enemy has nothing on God. Regardless what the plans and schemes of men are, they all fall short of the wisdom of God. See this full program for a deep, inside view on a few of the events within Islam, the belief system, the difference of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the valley of decision in America, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: terrorism, Democratic Party, immigrants, anti-Christ, eternity, religion, religious intolerance, and repentance. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


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