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When we hear an encouraging word, it is continually encouraging when we able to do the same and encourage others when we share it with others. Pastor John Kilpatrick has shared many prophetic words and lives have been greatly impacted by what Holy Spirit has revealed to him. During a particular transition that Greg Lancaster was carrying out in his life, Pastor Kilpatrick shared a prophetic word with Greg that kept him going through the entire transition. As the year of 2018 has now begun, Pastor Kilpatrick has recently shared numerous prophetic words over this year.

As Pastor Kilpatrick begins to share, he shares how the Spirit of the Lord woke him up and said, “tell My people that 2018 is going to be the year of divine interruptions”. According to Webster, interruption means: to stop or hinder by breaking; to yield to a higher priority; to stop the execution of a plan… Pastor Kilpatrick continues, “I want to say to you that the Lord said to me, ‘tell My people I am going to break in! They are going to yield to a higher authority! I am going to stop the execution of the plans of the enemy!’”   For those who have brought the baggage and memories of last year into this this year, Pastor Kilpatrick continues speak under the unction of the Lord. “I am going to break the continuity of last year. It will not pick up this year! It’s broken off from last year!” While there have been plenty of voices speaking out their opinions about what is happening upon the Earth, God is bringing about His plans. “What they have been saying is wrong. What they have been saying is Anti-Word, Anti-Christ, Anti-God, and God says I’m going to rise up and let My Word and My mind be known in situations…their voice will be stilled mid-sentence.”   Do you remember where we came from? There have been so countless events have transpired that we have wished someone would have interrupted things. God has turned situations around for He has heard our prayers. It’s time to be delivered and set free from the attacks of fear! God will interrupt the plans of the enemy! Don’t define this season by your past season. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, prophetic words, Holy Spirit, abortion, marriage, values, media, truth, blasphemies, Anti-Christ rhetoric, hope, and freedom. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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