When we hear a prophetic word from the Lord, we have the opportunity to agree with it, and receive it for our lives, if it applies to us. Pastor John Kilpatrick recently shared numerous prophetic words from the year of 2018 that are not only deeply encouraging but may also give you resounding hope in situations that may be overwhelming for you.
Pastor Kilpatrick shares how the Lord stopped the evil leadership of Ahab and Jezebel in the Bible. He continues to highlight how the Lord is removing all that remains. “But as it was with Jezebel of old, her feet, her hands, and her skull survived. The feet speaks of where she’s been. Her hands speaks of what she’s done. And her skull speaks of her evil intentions. These forensics will cause her to surely be found out. It has been hidden and covered up but it has not been buried…The house of Ahab will also come to naught this year.”
As the Lord has previously revealed to Pastor John Kilpatrick that this year will be a year of divide interruptions, some may also be overtaken by the sudden blessings from the Lord. Pastor Kilpatrick shared a word of knowledge that may describe what will take place. “Within 12 hours, your misfortune will be transformed into a fortune. It will simply be the mercy of your loving Father. This will be a divine retribution for the injustice that you have had to endure. When the gavel comes down, you will keep asking ‘did this really happen, or am I dreaming?’.”
As Pastor Kilpatrick continues to share another word of knowledge, he describes how some who have experienced hardships regarding their reputation can look forward to hope in the coming days. “Your reputation is on the line. The Lord says, things have been published online about you, exaggerated and false accusations have taken a toll on your name. When you read what has been published, they seem to be so factual, although you know them to be lies.” As Pastor Kilpatrick explains, your redemption will come by the Hand of the Lord in His timing. “The Lord is making a way forward for you tonight. He has already determined how this is gonna turn out. The Lord said, these stones shall not hurt you”.
The Lord has spoke to Greg Lancaster in a prophetic encounter and showed him the evil one being put on trial. Because justice has been so long in coming, many have given up hope of justice actually coming. The moment the gavel of justice came down, gold rain filled the very court room that Greg was in during this encounter. Now is the time to take our position of authority and to lead where God has called us to lead. As God is bringing down the reign of Jezebel, we cannot tolerate her wicked and divisive schemes. God did not ask you if you wanted to lead. He has placed you in a position of authority and you are called to lead.
These are the days that the Lord is moving mightily upon His people. Receive all that God has for you as these encouraging prophetic words wash over you with a new wind of hope at your back, and uplifting joy in your heart. See the full conversation about what Pastor John Kilpatrick has shared, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Holy Spirit, prophetic word, prophecy, Pastor John Kilpatrick, Jezebel, Ahab, house of Ahab, reputation, smear tactics, manipulation, control, President Donald Trump, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., blessings, and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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