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WATCH! Truth about Political Correctness Well Received at Oxford, Jordan Peterson shares; Anti Israel Bias last Straw US Pulls Out of Human Rights Council; Nikki Haley



Truth about Political Correctness Well Received at Oxford; Highly Sought-After Author Jordan Peterson shares

We have gone through a time where no one has wanted the truth, but times are changing, and people are getting hungry for the truth. Pastor John Kilpatrick, of Church of His Presence, shares a prophetic word about how people are going to hunger for the truth. “The Lord said, He’s changing the appetites of people, instead of the public now rejoicing in rumors they will now become excited to hear the truth again. They will develop a love for the truth and reject the lies as well as the liars. This will not be true of everyone in every place, but a shift has already happened. Truth had fallen in the streets, but I tell you I am lifting it up again and it shall cause great rejoicing. I the Lord have done this by My own power by My right arm of might, and by My justice.” Outside of God reaching down and touching us we would not hunger for the truth. It is so exciting to see the changes and shifts that are taking place in America and the world!

We hear more truth from Jordan Peterson, author of Twelve Rules for Life, as he speaks at Oxford University. Oxford University was packed out with people waiting to hear him speak and as he has spoken at different places about these truths grown men have cried because of what they have heard from Jordan. He is asked the question of what he thinks about political correctness. Through his answer, he builds up a narrative to help us understand his point of view. “Imagine that you need to describe the world, in order to perceive the world and to act in it…that you need a description at different levels of resolution. You can think about how you use your computer when you’re dealing with images. There are sometimes when what you really need is a thumbnail because it doesn’t require much processing power, and it’s sufficiently representative of the reality so that you can do whatever you need to do with the image, with the thumbnail, and you never replace the thumbnail with a high-resolution image if the thumbnail will do…I don’t think it’s an analogy; I actually think that it’s a description of a very large number of cognitive operations. Maybe there is a rule of thumb, never use a high-resolution theory when a low-resolution theory will do. The converse is also true, by the way.” All this to say that we can have a low-resolution general-purpose theory which is like “an agreed upon narrative how the world is constructed based on human experience…so we can co-exist peacefully.” Jordan continues saying that this comes in two forms. One is a collectivist form which can be described as a tribal form. He gives an example of chimpanzees and how they live in the form of a tribe and will destroy any outsider that tries to come near their tribe.  We can look at what tribe people belong to based on this theory. Like gender, ethnicity, etc. “It’s a battleground between those groups for dominance, power…this has its consequences however, and one of the consequences is that it’s tribal and tribal identities tends toward mayhem.” The second view or form is individual sovereignty; the individual is valuable. “You are to be regarded as a sovereign individual, and you are to treat other people that way as well. Both with regards to their rights but more importantly and often forgotten with regards to their responsibilities.” The tribal form causes tribal warfare, and individual sovereignty can possibly grow into the most successful society that the world has ever seen which he gives the United Kingdom as an example. He expresses shame as he says, “the universities broadly speaking are doing absolutely everything they can, as fast as they possibly can to ensure that we sacrifice the sovereign individual view for the collective tribal view.”

Jordan gave a powerful response to “political correctness.” As our U.S. Constitution expresses, we are each created by God and our rights come from God. And the government is for us, not over us. Tribalism is saying someone is better than the other. Individual sovereignty allows us to be who we are created to be. It is great to see this generation applaud the truth they heard from Jordan, as they are our future leaders. Make sure to watch or listen to the full program to hear the complete response. Also shared in this segment: Nature, Borders, Wealth, Success, Power, Division, Church, Love. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Anti-Israel Bias last Straw U.S. Pulls Out of Human Rights Council-Nikki Haley

The nation of Israel has been singled out time and again at the United Nations. Anne Bayefksy, director of Touro Human Rights Institute, shares with Prager University some systematic truths concerning what has been said and done to Israel within the United Nations. “38% of all U.N. Human Rights Council resolutions have been directed at Israel alone. The Council has a permanent agenda composed of 10 items, one of which is always reserved for criticizing Israel…Israel has endured innumerable acts of terrorism.” Israel is not a perfect country, but it is one of the freest countries. “There’s only one country in the world whose very legitimacy is questioned. Only one country that is openly threatened with annihilation, that country is Israel. And what has the United Nations done about it? Worse than nothing, it has itself become a global platform for anti-Semitism and the destruction of the Jewish state.” She shares some amazing and shocking truths of what has taken place at the United Nations and the agenda against Israel. This must stop!

Nikki Haley, Ambassador to the United Nations, stands for Americans interests and for the nation of Israel. Ambassador Haley spoke recently at a joint press conference with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “For too long the Human Rights Council has been a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias…the United States is officially withdrawing from the UNHRC.” The United Nations has been hurting democracy around the world because of their actions. Although we can have hope that the U.N. can turn around and change their ways and we can pray for that change. Also, keep praying for the peace of Israel! We want to hear from you! Also shared in this segment: Intifada, Iran, Syria, Durban Conference, Racism, Communist, Voting, Abusers. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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