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Home » Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk & Neuralink, the Start of the Beast Economy? Glenn Beck “You wont recognize your life by 2030.”

Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk & Neuralink, the Start of the Beast Economy? Glenn Beck “You wont recognize your life by 2030.”




Can you imagine having something in your brain that connects to the internet? You would no longer need your thumbs or fingers to type a message or surf the internet. This is happening right now! We look at what company has created this capability to connect to the internet through your brain. Also, we continue to look at the launch of satellites by Elon Musk’s company Starlink that’s goal is to provide 5G internet to the world. You can find out more about that HERE. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) or Artificial General Intelligence (A.G.I.) is leading our world to the beast economy written about in the book of Revelation in the Bible. Many of us are not paying attention to A.I. and the affect it is having on us even though it does make our lives easier. A.I. is setting us up for the mark of the beast and the beast economy. Watch or listen to the full program and prepare yourself for the end time moments that we are facing today.

Glenn Beck, with TheBlaze and Jeff Brown, editor at The Bleeding Edge and chief technology analyst for Bonner & Partners, share through their combined experience the reality of where we are headed with A.I. and what we can expect in the coming years. Glenn shares how he will comment that the year 2030 will be a different world, and people do not understand it. This is now less than nine years away! “When I say to people that 2030 is a different world they can’t process that…life is going to change so much in the next ten years…it’s either going to be great or it’s going to be horrific , and I don’t know which…but nobody is talking about it.” We must pay attention because prophetically, things that were foretold in the Bible are in the process of quickly coming to pass!

They next look at the unfolding technology of 5G, which removes any lag we currently have with 4G. The lag may not seem bad to you with 4G, but when we look at driverless cars and completing a surgery through a robot, the lag is significant! There must be no delay because it is intricate things that are completed through that technology. You can find out more about 5G technology HERE. Jeff Brown shares what it means for 5G technology to become available, saying that as an example, it is essential for self-driving cars because it removes the “latency,” which is the delay or lag in the technology processing the information. Glenn responds, saying, “I don’t think people understand the information that the cars will be able to process…it will eventually know what that car is, who is in that car, who is in this car and have access to all of that information. So, because it has to make a judgment at some point if there is a problem which way do I swerve. Which way do I go to cause the least damage?” He compares it to the trolley experiment, which is a scenario that if a trolley is going down a hill and it could kill three people one way but if it’s able to switch tracks only one person would die the other way what do you do? 5G technology must be able to crunch that much data to be able to decide which way to swerve if an accident or problem presents itself in the way of a driverless car.

Jeff says the biggest problem for technologists programming driverless car technology is how to program the software to make those life-threatening decisions! He gives an example, “Who do we choose if there are two children or two teenagers walking across the street and two grandparents across the street and one of the two groups is going to have to get hit; what’s the decision to be made?” Pointing out that this is an impossible decision! Where a person would have a snap decision to make in the moment of which way to swerve their car in this scenario, but a driverless car would already have the decision programmed of what it would do when this scenario presents itself.

He continues, “While this is an incredibly complex ethical dilemma that we have to solve and I have a theory about that, that we may actually leave that to the A.I. to decide.” Pointing out that 94% of deaths in traffic accidents are caused by human error so the driverless cars would eliminate that percentage.

Why would we want a machine to make decisions for us? Yes, it is great that driverless cars would eliminate those deaths but surrendering our intellect and free will to a machine is giving our will over to it. God has given us free will so that we have a choice to do what is right and to follow Him. Because humans have free will, our decisions cause conflicts, war, and accidents, but that is how God created us! They are saying that by us surrendering our free will to A.I.; they will fix the human error. But Jesus! Jesus fixed the human error on the cross! He came to the earth as a man and did not sin so that He could be a perfect sacrifice for us to wash away our sin, our human errors!

Glenn and Jeff next discuss Elon Musk’s invention, Neuralink, which is a brain-computer interface that can be implanted in your brain! It takes the delay of a person typing out a message because you can just think about what you want to say or what you want to search on the internet, and the chip will do it for you! Jeff says, “He likes to think about it [A.G.I.] as something that is better than any expert in their field on the face of the earth…it has the ability to make connections between things you would think have no connection whatsoever. So, it can synthesize everything. All of the worlds information real-time.”

How far away are we from this technology becoming available? Elon says Neuralink is five years away from that, and Jeff says definitely within ten years! “We are doing it already…we are connected. We can now control a robotic prosthesis through an implant in the brain. That is not the same as being connected to a supercomputer or the Cloud, but it is not that big of a leap to think that as our own abilities…to design these systems…it is not a leap to realize this is a matter of years, not decades.”

This is happening right now! People want A.I.  because they are lost in the “image,” that is written about in the book of Romans, where people trade God for an image. Things on the internet are images made to look like the real thing, but it is not real!

Greg shares a prophetic vision where he was shopping for food, and as he was waiting in line at a counter, he was behind a woman, something shoved itself between himself and that woman. It was her artificial intelligence! It was made to look like her, and it pushed Greg to the side. The woman had no idea that her A.I. was bothering Greg; she was oblivious. He barely touched it on the shoulder, and it ignored him. Then he tried to be kind to it but grabbing its hand, but it didn’t do anything. Next, he shoved the A.I. to see if it would do anything, and it did nothing! We are being told that A.I. will respond with compassion and kindness, but it won’t! When you give men control over men, they always pervert it! Once we turn things over to A.I., we must pay attention. As Christians, we must respond by not giving over our free will to it.

A.I. is leading to the beast economy written about in the book of Revelation that will take over the marketplace that, in turn, can control the world. Many things on the earth are merging to take us to the end times that were foretold prophetically. It is exciting days for Christians because that means Jesus is soon to return! Jesus said, “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” If you are realizing that you need Jesus to make it through the days ahead with His peace, you can receive Him as your Lord and Savior today. Now is your time to say YES to Jesus. Find out how you can make that decision today at Meet My Father HERE. If you made that decision, welcome to the family!

What do you think about artificial intelligence and the progress it is making? Do you see where A.I. is leading the world to the beast economy? We want to hear from you! Write to us at [email protected] or in the VFNKB Community HERE. Greg shared in this segment.

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5G and AI Everywhere: 2030 Will Be a New World | Jeff Brown | Ep 60 | The Glenn Beck Podcast
Neuralink Launch Event
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