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Remembering how Jack and Shelly Hollis Met


It is such an encouraging breath of fresh air to have a conversation with those who are down to Earth and humble. Jack Hollis is one of these men and his life is a wonderful, joyful testimony of the faithfulness of the Lord. Greg Lancaster was recently honored to be able to sit down with Jack and take the time to talk about the story of Jack and his wife Shelly had met. Shelly had worked for Cook Electric that repaired aircraft parts. While Shelly was working at Cook Electric, her company had received quite a significant contract for work. As Jack explains, “they got to contract to equip the airplane that filed the Cuban Missile Site”. There was a certain role that was needed to carry out this project, and Jack was the man that got hired for the role. Little did Jack know, that he would soon meet the secretary in the parts department. As Jack recalls that fateful day, “it was lust at first sight”. After seeing Shelly, he now had a reason to walk all the way over to the other side of the hangar, multiple times a day. 


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