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Marxism’s Deadly Fruit

It is fitting that the color adopted by Marxism is red. There has been no ideology in history that has caused more bloodshed of its own people than Marxism. This is because of one core precept of Marxism as stated by Karl Marx in The Capitalist: “the individual has no value.” Without any religious or moral basis other than the interests of the collective, it became not only acceptable, but a duty to kill as many as necessary to bring about total subjugation to the collective. This was the basic validation for Lenin’s purges.


Stalin took it to the next obvious level through the wholesale murder and starvation of over thirty million of his own people. This was also the validation of Mao’s murder of tens of millions of Chinese citizens in the Cultural Revolution. In the span of just forty years, over 110 million people were confirmed killed by Marxist purges, and the true number is likely much higher. Because individuals have no value, this was not even considered a crime, or evil, under Marxism.
          Marx’s cohort, Friedrich Engels, rationalized this wholesale murder by formulating the doctrine of how life expands by death. He used the illustration of the barley seed, which germinates at its own death to produce many new plants. He wrote, “out of this dynamic process of dying the energy is released to expand and produce many more entities of the same kind.” So the mass murder of millions was justified.
          Marx and Engels had their dark and perverted philosophy bolstered by the release of Origin of Species by their contemporary Charles Darwin. Darwin’s theory further reduced the value of the individual, making man just another animal species that happened to be a little more evolved.
          Darwin’s law of “the survival of the fittest,” made it a natural process for the killing of the weak by the strong, or in the case of Marxism, those in power. It was even promoted as an obligation so that the species would not be corrupted by weakness. This became a key component in Marxist doctrine and was also adopted by the “National Socialist Party”—the Nazis. The Nazis were also socialists who believed that the individual existed for the state, not the other way around.
          As we covered before, most socialists don’t know the basics of what they support, just as many Christians do not have more than a superficial understanding of the basics of their own faith. Even so, at the root of evil ideologies, there is a group that fully understands and will implement these basic principles when they can. This is how you find things like the death panels that slipped into legislation like The Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare.
          It is likely that those who put these death panels into this legislation did not know what they were doing, but Marxists in America have targeted the taking over of healthcare as the crown jewel, the consummation of their strategy for subjugating America since the 1930’s, when they also set about to systematically take over the media and education in America. These strategies and tactics were widely published by those who set about to make it happen, and just like in Tsarist Russia, ignored by all but a few.
          Of course, you can read the entire Affordable Health Care Act and not find a single paragraph titled “Death Panels.” However, they are actually a core principle sown throughout the entire bill, thus someone who was involved in crafting this bill knew what they were doing. There is no way that this law can be implemented without setting up panels of bureaucrats who will decide who gets treatment and who does not—or who lives and who dies. Like it or not, that is a death panel, and if this legislation is fully implemented in the U.S., the worst tyranny imaginable will soon follow.
          Marxism is all about the collective and is based on the fundamental principle that the individual has “no value.” Therefore, under Marxism, it does not matter what happens to individuals—it’s all about control. As the progressives determined when they set about to subjugate the healthcare system, there are few things that can control the masses like healthcare.
          We can argue that there are many Western nations now that have nationalized healthcare, and many people like the system. Everyone I’ve talked to in those countries loved the system—until they had to use it. Even so, there are certainly many who have sought to develop a national healthcare system that had the best of intentions. It is likely that most who are involved in this effort have good intentions. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is a proverb with a lot of truth to it.
          There are also good elements in the Affordable Health Care Act, and there are many things that needed correction in the private healthcare system that had evolved. You could say the same thing about many of the intentions of the Bolsheviks. Rat poison can be 98% good food, and the gates of hell can be 98% good, but that other 2% will kill you.
          It does not have to happen. We can still change our direction so that we do not end up where we are headed.
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