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RISEN: The MOVIE Makes Big Debut


LISTEN NOW! Many long strides have been made since the beginning of Christian movies first entered the box office. Fast forward to today and we can see how important this journey has been as each new release appears to keep getting better and better. The most recent blockbuster attraction RISEN is no different. In the first week, it has raised $11 Million, nearly half of its production costs of $30 Million.

This new film captures the resurrection of Jesus from the eyes of an atheist Roman soldier who is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the body of Jesus from being stolen. When the body is no longer in the tomb, he finds himself on a search that just may change his life, forever.  This is the type of movie that you just don’t go see, you take a friend, or you invite the whole family. See the behind-the-scenes perspectives from actors, producers, the trailer of the film, and so much more. Also shared in this segment. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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