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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » WATCH! The Foundation of Christianity and America: The World Wide Debt, and the Collapse of Pensions in America


The Foundations of Christianity and America
If you were asked what the foundation of Christianity was, what would you say? Would you know or would you guess? When Steve Deace sat down and spoke with Glenn Beck, he talked about what the responses were when he asked Christians the very same question.
“Almost every time, they are going to tell me ‘the Bible’”. He retorts, “No it’s not. Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith.” As he recounts the simple truth of Christ being raised from the dead and God’s hand intervening into timeline of mankind, he elaborates further, “Did that fact happen? If it did then the Bible is the clarification… how we are to then live in light of that fact.”  He makes the distinction between what the foundation and the responses he received by stating, “The foundation is Christ. The clarification is the Bible.”
With this very understanding, Deace then switches gears and turns the attention to the often-misunderstood perception between the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. “That is the relationship, I believe, between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.” He highlights the purpose of the U.S. Constitution, “Then the inevitable questions that come along, when we have conflicts, how do we resolve those things? The Constitution clarifies those conflicts. But, the Declaration is the foundation.”
There are so many voices and conversations going back and forth about the details and issues addressed within the U.S. Constitution. But, we must get back to the understanding and the importance of the Declaration. Yes, we need to understand the Amendments within the Constitution, but more importantly is the Constitution. See the full dialogue from Steve Deace, the response of Glenn Beck, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: The Ten Commandments, Original Intent, natural law, and progressives. Greg shared in this segment.

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$700 Trillion World Debt, the Collapse of Pensions, and the Blatant Delusions Being Voiced in Media. Where are We Truly in America’s Economy?
More than once someone has touted about the nation’s debt. The way things are unfolding in America; it is obvious that our debt is not getting any smaller. But what about the world’s debt? According to Rick Joyner, it paints the same picture.
When the national debt is reportedly over 100 Trillion, Rick Joyner explained an undeniable reality, “If you taxed Americans 100%, they couldn’t pay this. There’s no way this can be paid.” But, this is America. As previously stated, the world is in the same boat. “The value of all the world’s goods, put together; right down to everybody’s rings and shoes were estimated to be about $350 Trillion. Well, the world’s debt is over $700 Trillion. We’re upside down. The world is in default.” ALL of the goods across the face of the Earth would only reach HALF of the world’s debt. As sobering as this reality is, Joyner puts all of this in perspective. “All of this is nothing for God to pay. Even the whole world is a speck of dust in His universe.” Amidst the many proclamations of possible answers, our only answer and hope is crying out to God. Joyner articulates how this very crying out to God is the description of Jubilee. “That’s what Jubilee is…not only does everyone has their debt released, but they get their inheritances back. It’s a restoration of inheritances.”
We are seeing the progressive hardship and discipline in America because we have turned away and rejected God. As Joyner continues to express, “The level of judgment is not just based on the level of evil but it’s based on the level of light that is rejected.” He continues, “Now look at what America has rejected. Look at the light that we’ve been given; that we’ve had, and look how far we have fallen.” If this were not bad enough, “we’re flaunting perversion.” This is the tip of the iceberg. There is a day of reckoning coming. But, in the meantime, it helps to clearly see just how bad this reality is as we often don’t.
When Chris Martenson, founder of, spoke with Glenn Beck, he described in detail, the present day scenario of our national markets and what it means for the average individual. When Beck expresses how he watched the stock market plummet and then come back up again during the elections, Martenson points to why. “The World’s Central Banks have put $16 Trillion into the punch bowl, and that is going to create a lot of money sloshing around looking for things to do.” Speaking specifically about election night, he shares, “It saw money running away from … the stock market in a big, big way, and then stampeding back in in a big, big way. Those are not healthy signs of a healthy market.” If the numerical understanding of $16 trillion dollars were not incomprehensible enough, Martenson adds to this reality. “That’s 16 additional trillion, on top of what the Central Banks already had printed out of thin air, as it were, or electronically created.”
As Beck points out a generic overview of how the Federal Reserve works, raising and lowering interest rates; lowering interest rates so that more cash flows through the economy, and raising interest rates to tighten the flow of funds, he then asks this very critical question. “Is there any interest rate that you can think of, that wouldn’t collapse the economy, that could draw this money back in.” As Martenson frankly puts it, “No…. the Fed is truly between a rock and a hard place.” He then goes on to explain further. “The rock in the story is if they drive interest rates lower…endowments, pensions plans…those are going to kill savers, it’s going to kill people on fixed incomes. It already is.”
As most Americans, would respond, Beck asks why this is happening. Martenson points to the sequence of events that occur when the Fed lowers interest rates to 0 or 1%. “Remember, you used to get 5% on your savings account if you had money in the bank…. now you get what; a ½%? Where did that 5% go?” As Martenson answers his own scenario, “That was a Trillion dollars of interest income that has not gone to savers….the banks got it.” But, back to the pension plans. This reality has caused severe devastation to pensions.  “Pension plans…tend to keep a lot of their money in bonds. They are getting 0% on those bonds. They are expecting, requiring, needing…to get 7%, 8% just to meet their obligations.”
To explain just how much many Americans are affected by bonds, Martenson turns the attention to the firemen of Chicago. “Just to make the firemen’s pension, in Chicago, whole; meaning this could pay out all of the pension promises it has made to already retired and soon to be retired Firemen in Chicago; they would have to put a one-time $50,000 per-household tax, in order to make that one plan solvent.” The rising problem is that these issues are simply not being talked about. Or maybe something thinks they are in the clear because they do not have a pension. As Martenson points out, “You know somebody who does.”
As some have been holding their breath just to get through the elections; truth is, we haven’t seen anything yet. Or, as Martenson puts it, “If you think this is the high-water mark of our national distress…we are just getting started.” As we talk about and highlight the realities of these situations, the question then arises as to what happens when America actually experiences the full consequences of these realities? “It hits when people finally recognize that it’s a real issue.”
To bring attention to the awakening of concern that is beginning to take place, Martenson points to the many Dallas Police Officers who have already decided to take their retirement and their pensions in a lump sum payment. Why? Because they know it is only a matter of time before those funds no longer exist. “Just that one pension alone, if they had to try and make it whole, it will break the budget of Dallas.”
As dreary and bleak as this reality is appearing to be, Martenson points to an obvious reality that apparently, many would refuse to acknowledge. “We can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet.” We cannot simply bury our lives in the sands of denial and hope that these issues will solve themselves. We now have the benefit of acting accordingly with our reality. “If you have that information …and you take action to make your life more resilient, and do something, then that is positive.”

These signs point to the continual direction that the Lord has shown, has confirmed, and highlighted time and time again, that it is only a matter of time until the American dollar crashes and we arrive at a one world currency. God has revealed and shared the wisdom to have 90 days of food and water to endure the coming days the world is about to experience. The coming shaking is to shake everything loose that can be and the Kingdom of God cannot be shaken. See the entire conversation to see in detail what Rick Joyner shared, more of Chris Martenson, what Martenson shares as to what the average American should do in response to these realities, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: TARP, Goldman Sachs, bailouts, crisis, retirement plans, savings plans, Chinese currency, digital currency, currency manipulation, inflation, S&P 500, Dow Jones, and humility. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


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